Keywords: Adult, Hypnosis, magic
Species: Wolf, equine
The Pendant

The Pendant
By Divigon.

The wolf looked around the dimly lit bar warily before stepping down to the 
floor.  No one was paying him more attention than was warranted, which was a 
good sign.  He made his way to the barkeep and got the stallion's attention 
with a slight nod of his head.

"One ale thanks," he said holding up one finger as his other hand pulled 
some copper from his pocket.

The barkeep nodded and pulled a large tankard, swapping the mug for the 
coins.  The wolf sipped at the foamy head and looked around.  There was a 
spare booth in the corner which he made his way to and slipped into it.  
From there he could look out over the room while remaining in the shadows, 
something past experiences had taught him was very handy to have.

He stiffened as he noticed someone approaching, the hairs down his spine 
bristling and his paw began reaching around for the dagger strapped to his 
thigh.  He acted nonchalantly as the feline slipped into the seat opposite, 
the wolf's paw curled around the dagger handle, but hidden from sight by the 

"Greetings," rumbled the wolf softly and politely, his face the picture of 

"Greetings," nodded the feline.

Now that he was close, it was obviously a leopard of some sort.  A thin 
silvery grey fur covered the short muzzle and small cloud shaped spots were 
visible starting between his eyes and disappearing up over between his ears.

"The name's Kimu," offered the leopard extending a paw, claws retracted.

"Phelan," replied the wolf, lifting his hand above the table to shake the 

Their paws met and Phelan looked up into the feline's eyes.  There was no 
malice or anger there, more curiosity, a look he was familiar with.  A local 
curious to discover more about the outside world.

"And what can I do for you?" asked the wolf, relaxing a little.

"I am curious," started Kimu.  "You look like someone who has seen much and 
travelled far.  I was wondering if you may be able to give an opinion on 

"Quite possibly," responded Phelan.  "With what can I help?"

"This," said the leopard, reaching in to pull out a string he had around his 

As soon as he saw it, Phelan knew he had made a mistake.  It was a smallish 
stone, teardrop shaped, a little over an inch long, translucent and it 
seemed to glow from within with a strange flickering blue light.  Kimu 
pulled the string from his neck and held it up for the wolf to see, swaying 
it slowly from side to side.

"Its pretty isn't it," purred the feline, a knowing grin spreading over his 

"Yes," murmured the wolf, unable to look away.

He knew the stone was obviously magic and was doing something to him.  He 
should flee, knock it out of the feline's paw and run away... but it looked 
so nice and it felt so good just to sit here and stare at it.

"It's a control gem," smiled Kimu, watching as the wolf's eyes dimmed and 
began to close.  "It will let the owner, that's me.  Control anything that 
looks at it.  That's you.  Isn't that right?"

Phelan's mind screamed at him to run, but instead he nodded.

"Yes," he rumbled softly.  "It controls me.  Such a nice pretty stone."

He could not drag his eyes away from the shimmering blue gem which was 
seeming to drag him in deeper and deeper.

"Oh, don't fight it," purred the feline, watching the wolf's eyes dim 
gradually.  "You know you want to give in to it, it would feel so good just 
to sink deeper and deeper under my control, that's what you want to do don't 

Under the table, the feline's long tail curled around, stroking over the 
wolf's thigh, its tip occasionally brushing his groin, feeling it bulge as 
the wolf's eyes fell closed.

"Good Phelan," whispered the leopard.  "Now listen carefully.  You're going 
to want to follow me upstairs, it will make you feel so good, you can't 
resist, but you will act perfectly normal.  Lets go."

The wolf's eyes opened and he looked around, catching the glimpse of the 
stone as Kimu slipped it back under his tunic.  The feline grinned and stood 
up, moving across the room.  Phelan hated himself for it, but he found 
himself swallowing down the remainder of his beer and following.  There was 
nothing he could do about it.

No one in the room seemed to show the faintest interest as the pair of them 
made their way upstairs.  The wolf was trying to will his hands to the neck 
of the feline, but they just remained limply by his sides.  He followed the 
leopard down the passage and into one of the inn rooms.  It looked just like 
his, a simple bed, small stand in the corner and not much else.

Kimu had undone his cloak and was already undoing his tunic.  Phelan could 
feel his fingers beginning to twitch, obviously the spell did not last that 
long, just a few moments more...

The leopard smirked and removed his top, the blue stone immediately visible 
nestled against his fur.  The wolf gave a silent groan as he felt himself 
beginning to spiral down once more.

"Remove your clothes please Phelan," instructed the leopard as he began to 
slip out of his own pants.

The wolf wanted to growl and lash out at the feline, but instead he heard 
himself giving a meek "yes sir," and his paws began to pull clothes from his 
body.  In a few moments the pair of them were naked.

Phelan hated to admit it, but the leopard did have a nice body and that was 
not the spell talking.  Lean and trim like all felines, the plethora of 
spots and the sleek underside.  He felt his already partially swollen sheath 
swell a little more.

Kimu admired the wolf silently, he was quite a catch.  He grinned as he 
noticed the sliver of pink begin to slip from the wolf's sheath.  

"It feels good doesn't it," grinned the leopard, removing the stone from his 
neck to swing it once more before the wolf.  "To just stand there, feeling 
yourself sinking.  Your free will beginning to pool and collect in your 
body.  You can feel it, shifting, tingling, its descending, gravitating 
towards your groin.  It feels good doesn't it... its beginning to pool, feel 
it flow into your testicles, making them swell and tingle, they feel so 
full, willing to burst..."

Phelan's swayed a little on his feet, his eyes never leaving the swinging 
stone. He wanted to snatch it away, but it felt so good just to look at it.  
He could feel his balls beginning to tingle a warmth spreading slowly as his 
sheath continued to swell.  His length slipping free and growing slowly to 
attention before him.  

The feline watch with a look of satisfied amusement, his own sheath swelling 
and his paw begin to rub absently at it.

"That's it," he continued in his soft voice, making sure the wolf's 
attention remained focused.  "Don't fight it, it wants to escape... your 
free will churning, struggling to get out and it feels so good.  You want it 
to leave... you need it to leave... to orgasm... to leave you empty..."

Phelan's eyes remained locked on the gem.  He could feel his shaft 
thickening, his knot popping free as his lupine pre begin to dribble and run 
down the exposed length.  He heard a voice somewhere distant, its words not 
clear,  but it felt so good to listen.  He felt his knot begin to swell, his 
tongue lolling out of his mouth as he groaned, waves of pleasure washing 
over him as his shaft spasmed, copious lupine seed spraying from his tip as 
his mind went blank.

Kimu smiled, watching as the wolf climaxed, the wolf was empty now.  All 
that was needed to do was to make him his.

"On the bed puppy," instructed the leopard.

"Yes Sir," said the wolf, his movements slow and deliberate.

"You currently have no free will," continued Kimu.  "You lost it all and it 
felt so good didn't it."

"Yes Sir," repeated Phelan, sitting in front of where Kimu had stretched 
himself out.  

"That will needs to be replaced," purred the feline.  "You need the will of 
your master."

"Yes Sir," said Phelan, sounding monotonous.  "I need the will of my 

"Good puppy," grinned Kimu, reaching out to guide the wolf's paw to his 
erect length.  "You need to coax the will out, by pumping it, but slowly."

"Yes Sir," murmured Phelan again, his voice soft and somewhat distant.  "I 
need the will of my Master."

The feline nodded and leant back, purring as he felt the wolf begin to 
stroke slowly along his shaft.  He rumbled, looking down at the wolf.  It 
was a little unnerving, Phelan started back at him, his eyes unblinking and 
murmuring under his breath.

"Yes Sir," whispered the wolf to no one in particular.  "I shall have the 
will of my Master.  Feel Master's will tingling beginning to collect in his 
balls, expanding, growing, begging to be released..."

As he spoke the wolf's other paw moved out, rubbing gently at the feline's 
sac, massaging that and causing Kimu to groan in pleasure.  The leopard 
looked down at the wolf's large unfocused eyes, looking into them.

"Yes," he purred.  "Master's will all focused, ready to leave..."

"Yes Sir," continued the wolf.  "Don't fight it, feel your will wanting to 
explode, your body relaxing... sinking deeper and deeper..."

Somewhere deep in the back of Kimu's mind warning bells began to sound.  He 
was sure it shouldn't feel like this, but it did feel so good just to sink, 
to look into his puppy's eyes and relax.  He felt his body drifting deeper, 
the pleasure in his loins building slowly.  Puppy should feed soon... to 
drink his will, but he could not seem to say it, but that did not matter.

"Good Master," murmured Phelan softly, his hand still moving rhythmically, 
up and down over the leopard's shaft.  "Just sink... surrender your will to 
your puppy... relax..."

Kimu's shaft began to harden as his swollen balls began to tighten.  His 
length spasming as the wolf's paw tightened around it, his feline seed 
spurting up and over the pair of them, his mind closing in as the pendent 
slipped from his fingers.

The gem fell slowly to the bedsheets, bounding once before resting up 
against Phelan's toe.  The wolf blinked at the contact, the pendant's charm 
dissolving in an instant as his memory flooded back.

He reached down and picked it up, admiring it.  That had been a lot closer 
than he liked.  He really needed to think quicker.  His eyes turned up to 
the leopard whose body had draped back over the bed.

"Ahhh my dear Kimu," whispered Phelan softly.  "Look at you, your mind empty 
and without using the little stone as well.  You should really be more 
careful who you steal things from.  If you had done your homework you would 
have realised that although it allows you to control others, it also makes 
you susceptible yourself."

He grinned and stood from the bed, slipping the gem into a pouch attached to 
his belt on the floor.

"However," he continued.  "I must thank you.  It was a most enjoyable 

He looked down at the two distinct pools of fluid that were beginning to 
merge together, then reached across and drew a finger down the feline's 
still erect shaft, sampling the musky fluid.

"And now, I must be going," he said beginning to pick up his things.  "You 
may stay here the night, but in the morning you will find yourself returning 
to the wizard who you stole this from.  Once there you shall apologise and 
carry out whatever punishment he sees fit.  Don't worry, I shall be seeing 
him beforehand and will make a few suggestions."

Phelan grinned to himself as the leopard nodded.

"Yes Sir," purred the feline and Phelan knew why that was the gem that was 

It was a definite rush to see another at your mercy like that.  He was 
tempted to pull out the gem and have a word downstairs to the barkeep... a 
stallion like that...  He shook his mind and growled a little to himself, 
pulling his cloak across his shoulders.

"Sleep well kitty," he grinned, watching as the leopard sank down onto the 

Phelan stepped out into the hallway and made his way along to his room.  He 
was about to hide the troublesome gem in the thatch of the roof, but his 
mind kept drifting back to the stallion.  It would be near closing time, the 
inn would be all but empty and he was sure the stallion would not mind 
knocking off early.  Before he knew it he had the pendent around his neck.  
It could not hurt could it...

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