Keywords: Adult, hypnosis
Species: Equine, Rat

By Divigon.

The stallion knocked on the door almost tentatively and jumped 
slightly as it opened silently.

"Come in please," announced a voice from inside.

Tohmas stepped inside and the door slipped shut, the lock making a 
seemingly very loud click in the quiet room.  The stallion stood 
still for a few moments, letting his eyes adjust to the dimness.

He was standing in a large room, there were bookshelves across one 
side.  Large drapes covered windows either side of a fireplace which 
had a chair and a sofa arranged around it.  Off to one side was a 
large wooden desk with the usual collection of papers and desk 
ornaments sitting in it.  The only illumination came from the small 
fire and a tiffany lamp on the desk.

"Well, don't just stand there," said the voice.  "Take a seat."

Tohmas looked around and managed to spy the owner of the voice 
sitting in the lounge chair that was half turned towards the fire.  
He walked over and after a moment's hesitation sat himself down in 
the couch.

"I'm Lazarth," said the being in the couch and Tohmas peered through 
the gloom to look at him.

It was a rat.  Short, but impeccably dressed in a white silken shirt 
and black pants.  His fur was brown and gleamed even in the poor 
light of the office.  A hairless but strangely cute tail slipped out 
the side of the chair and curled back around one of his legs.  His 
gaze travelled up, meeting the rat's eyes.  They were a deep brown, 
almost black and seemed to be studying more than just his outward 

"Tohmas..." stammered the stallion after a moment, shaking his head 
to break the contact.

"Now," started the rat.  "Before we begin.  I just want to point out 
that anything said or done in this room happens in the strictest of 
confidence.  Here you can just relax and say or do what you feel 
without having to worry about repercussions.  Now, that said, what 
can I help you with?"

Tohmas nodded and cleared his throat before starting in a soft voice.

"Well... I..."  he stammered in almost a whisper.

"Not good," said Lazarth shaking his head.  "You're still showing 
reluctance.  There is nothing to be scared of here.  I am not here to 
judge.  Relax, take a deep breath and speak normally."

The rat paused, waiting for the stallion to breathe in.

"Ok, begin again," he said.  "Think and then speak."

Tohmas breathed out slowly before starting to speak once more.

"I have a problem with always being the dominant stallion," he 
murmured, his voice a little slower than normal.

"Go on," nodded Lazarth encouragingly.

"Folks assume that since I'm big and powerful, I'm naturally the 
dominant one," continued Tohmas.  "I would like to experience being 
the submissive one for a change."

Lazarth nodded to himself.

"Submissive in regards to general life?" he asked.  "Or specific to 
one area... say sex for example."

"In general," replied Tohmas after a moment's though, his ears 
blushing a little with his openness.  "Folks expect me to make all 
the decisions, to have all the answers.  It would be nice just not to 
think for a change."

"I understand," agreed the rat.  "I may be able to help, if you'll 
let me.  Do you want to try?"

"Ok," said the stallion simply.

"It may be a bit strange," started Lazarth.  "Since this is your 
first time and all, but it's important to remember that you're safe.  
I'd never do anything to hurt or harm you.  You'll need to trust me 
on that if I'm to help you."

"Yes," replied the stallion, squirming a little in the couch.  He was 
not quite what was going to happen.

"Right then," said the rat.  "Its probably easiest if you lie back on 
the couch.  Just relax, breathe in, hold it... and out.  Each breath 
helping you to relax.  If you look up at the ceiling you'll see the 
chandelier, its crystals sparkling in the firelight.  Can you see 

"Yes," replied Tohmas, carefully watching his breathing.  The 
chandelier hung above him, each of the little pendents catching the 
light of the fire, making it look like a frozen explosion of 

"Good," murmured the rat, lowering his voice slowly.  "Just focus on 
those and breathe in... and out... in and out...  Feel yourself 
relaxing, just drifting as you focus on the sparkling crystals, feel 
them starting to pull you away... away from this world and some place 
nice and relaxing..."

Lazarth looked over at the stallion.  His eyes were half lidded as he 
stared at the ceiling, his breath slow and his body limp across the 
couch.  He would make an excellent subject.

Tohmas felt himself sinking deeper and deeper, the sparkling from the 
crystals seeming to expand as his eyes began to loose their focus, 
the flickering lights all around him, pulling him somewhere safe.

"That's a good pony..." rumbled the rat softly, watching the 
stallion's body sink deeper into the cushions.  "Just close your eyes 
and sleep... you're safe... feel you're self sinking deeper and 
deeper until you can't go any further.  You're body will be totally 
relaxed and your mind totally open to me...  Continue to relax... 
when you're there, you will tell me... you will say 'The pony is 
under your control, Master'..."

Lazarth held his breath, sometimes this manner of induction 
backfired, but the stallion seemed to be eager and all the signs 
appeared to be correct.  Tohmas's head slumped a little to one side, 
his eyelids fluttering as his lips started to move.

"The pony is under your control, Master," rumbled Tohmas after a few 

"Good pony," reaffirmed Lazarth.  "Do you know the stallion Tohmas?"

Tohmas's head moved a minute amount.

"I do," he replied in a soft almost monotonous voice.

"Who is he?" asked the rat.

"He is me," responded the stallion.

"Where is he now?"

"He is asleep," said the stallion in almost a sigh.  "Deep asleep."

"Good pony," chuured Lazarth.  "You're going to keep him asleep for 
me aren't you?"

"Yes," came the reply.

"Why?" queried the rat, a little curious to hear the answer.

"Because the pony is under your control, Master," responded the 
stallion.  "And you said he could trust you, you asked him to sleep, 
so he's sleeping for you."

"Then who are you?" asked the rat.

"I just am," came the answer.

"Do you have a name?" was the next question.

"I do not know," was the response.  "I do not believe I do."

"Can I call you pony?" asked Lazarth.

"If you like," replied the stallion.

"I shall call you pony then," said the rat.  "When Tohmas hears 
himself being called pony, can you take over, listen for him, then do 
what was asked?"

"I think so," said pony.

"I'm sure you can," murmured Lazarth.  "Tohmas wants you to do it for 
him, doesn't he?  He doesn't want to think, you shall make his 
decisions for him?"

The equine moved its head in a vague nod.

"That is correct," he said in his soft voice.

"Good pony," rumbled the rat.  "And when you hear the phrase 'Master 
wants to speak to pony' you will be able to put Tohmas back into that 
nice place where he is.  Once he is there, you will respond with 'The 
pony is under your control, Master.'  Can you do that."

"Yes," replied the equine.

"Good pony," said Lazarth.  "Shall we try now?  Start to wake up 
Tohmas, feel him slipping out of his safe relaxed place and Master 
wants to speak to pony..."

The rat watched the stallion begin to stir, stretching, his eyes 
opening and he gave a strange rumbling whicker and slipped back onto 
the couch, his eyes seeming to roll back in his head.

"The pony is under your control, Master..." murmured pony softly 
after a moment or too.

"Good pony," reaffirmed the rat.  "How is Tohmas?"

"He's sleeping," responded pony.

"Is he aware of us?" asked Lazarth.

"Yes," sighed pony softly.

"He doesn't need to be," rumbled Lazarth.  "Can you stop him from 
being aware... just make him sleep?"

"Yes," repeated pony, his body seeming to sag a little further.

"Is he aware now?" asked Lazarth again.

"No," said pony.  "He's sleeping."

"Good pony," chuured the rat.  "When Master wants to speak to pony, 
Tohmas doesn't need to know.  Anything he needs, you can tell him 
when he's awake, ok."

"Yes," rumbled pony.

"Good pony," reaffirmed Lazarth.  "Tohmas wants to be submissive 
doesn't he?"

"Yes," murmured pony again.

"How submissive?" asked Lazarth.

The equine seemed to think about this.

"Totally," he responded in his soft almost monotonous voice.  "He 
wants to be a slave."

Lazarth nodded to himself.

"I have need of a slave, would he mind being mine, at least for a 
while?" he asked, squirming a little at the thought of the large 
stallion at his beck and call.

"No," replied pony.

"Pony," asked Lazarth.  "Can you have Tohmas become a slave when he 
enters this room?  He will not be aware of it, but he will have to 
obey me when he is addressed as slave.  He will call me Sir or 
Master.  By doing this he will be filling his request of not being 
the dominant one, each moment as a slave will make you more powerful, 
make it easier for you to control him.  In addition, as he's carrying 
out a slave duty, he will feel pleasure for it, hence wanting him to 
continue.  Can you do that?"

Pony listened, then nodded slowly.

"Yes," he rumbled.

"Good pony," chuured Lazarth.  "Now, allow Tohmas to wake up, you'll 
remember what has been said and make him obey them."

"Yes," agreed pony, starting to stir.

The equine's eyes opened slowly and he looked around, stretching 
slowly, joints popping as he pulled himself into a sitting position.

"How do you feel?" asked Lazarth.

"Good," replied Tohmas, before adding "Master" to the end of it.

"Perhaps you need a drink?" prompted the rat.  "Slave, fetch two 
glasses of water from the jug in the corner."

Tohmas looked puzzled for a moment as he stood up.  He walked over to 
the corner, poured two glasses of water and returned.  He looked 
confused, standing before the rat's chair, so he dropped to one knee, 
holding out each hand.

"Here you are Master," he said, bowing his head and looking at the 
rat's paws.

"Thank you slave," rumbled the rat, taking one glass.  "You may have 
the other, and please, take a seat back on the couch."

The stallion lifted himself back onto the cushions, emptying the 

"How did that feel, fetching me the water?" asked Lazarth, 
deliberately leaving off the reference to slave.

"Good," admitted the stallion.  "Strange.  You asked and I did... and 
it felt good."

"Good slave," rumbled the rat, watching Tohmas's expression for any 

If Tohmas noticed, pony stopped him from showing it.  Lazarth allowed 
himself a smile to himself.  The stallion was an excellent subject, 
one he would have to see again.

The rat looked down at his watch.

"I'm afraid our time is almost up," he said, standing up.  "Before 
you go though, slave you will return at the same time tomorrow."

The stallion stood as well, then bowed almost immediately.

"Yes Sir," he rumbled.

"Good pony," grinned the rat, watching the equine's eyes seem to 
glaze over for a moment before he blinked and gave a strange look, as 
if he was trying to remember something which had just left his 

The stallion shrugged and Lazarth lead him to the door.

"Until tomorrow then Sir," said Tohmas and opened the door, stepping 
into the cool corridor.

The stallion shook his head, checking his watch.  It did not seem 
like an hour, but he watch did not lie.  He could not remember much, 
but for some reason that felt as if the session was successful.  He 
shrugged, perhaps he'd learn more tomorrow...

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