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Species: Human, Alien
The Garvens

The Garvens
By Divigon.

When I first found I had got the job on a Garven ship, I was not sure 
what to think.  It was a huge honour; the Garvens were living legends 
when it came to space travel.  It was also slightly frightening, a bit 
reality check.  My mind filled with self-doubt and it was some 
trepidation I approached the dock.

The ship, as I expected, was huge.  A massive interplanetary freighter, 
a couple of kilometres long, the sheer scale of it was mind numbing.  
The transport module whisked me straight for the tiny airlock that 
opened automatically.  We flew inside and I disembarked.

There was another door off to one side with a computer panel next to 
it.  I approached it, looking around nervously.

"Identify," announced a cool and calm computer voice.

"Ummm," I stammered.  "Briggs, Denis." I managed to get out.

The frame around the computer panel turned green.

"Welcome First Mate Daniel Briggs," continued the computer voice.  
"Please follow the green line to the bridge."

The door opened and a band of green lines lit up both sides of the 
large corridor.  I started walking down them, following the twists and 
turns to an elevator.  There were some more twists and turns, a door 
and suddenly I found myself on the bridge.

Every ship I have seen all had a recognisable bridge.  This was exactly 
the same.  Multiple forward screens, a few consoles on the side.  A 
Captain's chair with the first mate's bedside it.  The exception was 
everything was about double the normal size.  I felt like a child.

"Greetings," said a voice behind me.  "You must be my new first mate."

I turned around and found myself staring at someone's hips.  My head 
lifted slowly, taking in the Garven that stood before me.  I had known 
Garvens were big, but it had never really dawned on me exactly how big 
fourteen foot was.

"Ummm, hi?" I stammered partially in shock.  Then quickly my 
professional nature kicked in.  

"First Mate Daniel Briggs reporting for duty Sir," I announced, 
snapping my hand to attention.

"At ease Daniel," the Garven replied.  "I run a slack ship.  Besides, 
there is only the two of us.  I couldn't stand to have all that 
formality when we're in space."

"Oh," I replied, a mixture of relief and a hint of disappointment 
spreading over me.  Now they had entered the room I could get a better 
look at them.  I had only seen Garvens in pictures before.  They tended 
to keep to themselves and most spaceports were not suitable for their 
larger sizes.  From what I could gather, Garven's travelled in pairs, 
it was unusual for them to work with someone who was not of their 

As I had mentioned, it was over double my height, at least fourteen 
foot tall.  It walked on two digigrade feet, three toed bare claws 
almost silent over the rubbery floor of the bridge.  A long, almost 
snakelike tail waved in the air behind it, its colour a deep greenish 
brown with a lighter underside.  It looked smooth, but the underside 
had multiple nodules along it with an unusual spaded tip.  It was 
wearing a standard space style jumpsuit which left most of the detail 
from neck to toe hidden, but I could make out the massive muscles which 
must be barely contained beneath the skin.  Its head was vaguely 
reptilian, a large rounded muzzle, keen dark eyes which took in every 
detail.  A line of ridges started at their forehead and ran over the 
back of their skull down towards their spine, disappearing under the 

"My name is Sarkas," it announced.  "And I am your Captain.  You may 
call me Captain, Sarkas, Sir or Ma'am.  Ma'am is technically correct, 
but I'm not much one for gender stereotypes.  Now, shall we get ready 
for departure."

"Yes Si... Ma'am," I said, leaping into action.

And so my tour of duty onboard the Leftean began.

It did involve a sharp learning curve.  I had handled interstellar 
ships before, but never anything this big.  It took three days to 
accelerate to maximum speed.  We were faster than light, but still 
woefully slower than most passenger craft.  A typical journey would be 
two to three weeks.  I quickly learnt why there was only a crew of two.  
Just about everything was automated.  On a ship this size it had to be.  
Sarkas and myself were only there as scapegoats if something went 

It was not the most mentally stimulating of challenges.  Essentially 
once a ship was docked, the bots would change cargo.  The next 
destination was plugged into the computer.  Sarkas would give the order 
and we would depart.  While moving, I would check the logs, but the 
navigation computer took care of everything else.  We would both be on 
the bridge while we docked and then the cycle would begin again.

It also took me a little while to adjust to Sarkas's size.  We ate 
together.  I would have breakfast, usually consisting of a bowl of 
cereal.  She would have the rest of the box, plus toast and some foul 
smelling meat that I guess was the equivalent of bacon.  While eating 
we would discuss anything that needed to be attended to that day.  
Usually they were the routine things, ship maintenance, paperwork, 
things like that.

Each day at breakfast I would notice Sarkas would produce a small 
device and press it to her finger.  It would beep, she would nod and 
continue eating.  One day the device beeped and she looked at it, 
repeating the process.  She then looked at me.

"I'm going to take a few days off," she said suddenly.  "You should be 
ok.  We're not due to dock for another ten days.  I'll see you then."

Sarkas abruptly stood and walked out of the mess room.

I stared at my plate for a few minutes.  It was quite unusual 
behaviour.  I thought things had been going ok, but now I was not so 
sure.  I had been with Sarkas for about eight months, I thought we had 
established a relationship, but obviously not to the extent I thought 
we had.

I decided the best thing I could do was my job.  The first two days 
were uneventful.  It was strange seeming to have the ship to myself.  
The computer told me Sarkas was in her quarters and that was all the 
information it was going to offer.  Partway through the third day we 
hit some trouble.

The computer detected a small astroid on an intercept path and 
requested deployment of the defensive weaponry.  That was normal 
protocol and it had happened before.  I provided authorisation and the 
computer locked onto the target, firing at the lump of rock.  The 
astroid broke up, but unfortunately one of the larger pieces still 
managed to impact the ship.  When you're travelling over the speed of 
light, you don't want to hit anything, much less a lump of rock fifty 
feet across.

Various alarms sounded, but the internal shielding held.  It was one of 
the cargo bays that took most of the damage.  The auto-repair bots 
leapt into action and began repairing the damage.  Unfortunately for 
me, protocol dictates that the captain must take responsibility for the 
repairs before we are able to dock.  

I sent a polite message to Sarkas asking for her clearance on the 
repairs.  There was no response.  

I flagged the message as urgent, still no response.

I headed down to her quarters.  I had got use to the fifteen-foot high 
doors at this point, but it was still an intimidating feeling looking 
up at the words, "Captain's Quarters" above your head.

I rang the bell.  The intercom hissed, but there was no response.  I 
began to get a bad feeling.  The captain should not be out of contact 
for so long.  I wandered the corridors, contemplating my next move.

I found myself back at Sarkas's door.  I tried the bell again, still no 

This called for drastic measures and I used my override code to open 
the door.  The door hissed to the side and almost immediately a strange 
scent of something warm and sticky assessed my senses.

I stepped inside cautiously.  The air was thick and humid, almost 
tropical.  I could feel sweat beginning to form on my skin and I 
loosened my shirt collar.  This was strange.  The lights were turned 
down low and I had trouble peering into the gloom.  I could make out a 
shape on the bed and I stepped towards it, noticing my feet seem to 
sink a little into the floor with a squelch.

The figure on the bed was barely recognisable as a Garven.  It was 
sitting propped up against the pillows, legs drawn up and splayed out 
to either side.  It was naked and for the first time I could see what 
lay beneath the suit.  Pale olive green hide covered its underside, one 
large hand rubbing at a huge breast, the other moving rhythmically 
between her legs.

I swallowed as I realised what I was witnessing.

"Captain?" I coughed softly.

The large head turned in my direction, the half closed eyes opening 
slowly, focusing their jet-black irises on me.

"Mate..." Sarkas managed to almost gasp, her voice was soft and husky.

I found myself stepping closer.

"I am sorry for interrupting Captain, but I need your authorisation," I 
said, surprising myself at the professional tone in my voice.

"Authorised then," murmured Sarkas, her eyes seeming to study me 
unnervingly.  "You are male, yes...?"

I was a little taken back by the usual question, but I nodded, finding 
myself moving closer.  Breathing in slowly, the heat of the room 
causing sweat to begin beading on my skin.

"Yes Ma'am," I replied, my voice sounding slightly distant to me. 

"Ahhh..." purred Sarkas, her lower hand travelling slowly up from her 
groin, her skin glistening in the dim light.  "I thought so... I can 
feel you... feel my body changing..."

"Changing?" I asked, cocking my head.  I was now standing beside her, 
looking down at her huge size.

"Yes..." she purred, cupping a breast in her paw and teasing at the 
erect nipple, milky fluid oozed from the tip.  "Changing for you... you 
can feel it too can't you... the call..."

"I... I'm..." I stammered, my eyes locked onto the nipple.  It looked 
so enticing, so close I could just lean forward...

I felt my mouth opening, cupping my lips around the nipple before I was 
really aware what I was doing.  Sarkas's hand stroking down the back of 
my head soothingly as she gave a chuur, the rich tasting fluid oozing 
into my mouth as I teased the nipple with my tongue.  It tasted so 
good, cradled to her huge breast like that.  I continued to feed.

I felt her as she lifted me up, my hands fumbling with my suit, 
stripping it from my body until she cradled me like a baby.  I do not 
know for how long I fed, her milk continuing to seep from each nipple 
as I suckled.  Her large hands shifting me, positioning me so my head 
remained locked on her breast, my legs slipped between hers, my groin 
pressed in against her moist sex.

I could feel her hands running over my back, the sensation relaxing and 
also arousing.  I knew I was erect, but not excited.  Her tail curled 
up from between her legs, slipping between mine and pressing up over my 
spine.  I felt the spaded tip press against the back of my head.  There 
was a strange prick, a moment of pain and then I was floating.

It was a strange sensation, I was aware of my body changing.  Sarkas's 
tail pressed in against my spine, tentacles slipping from each of the 
nodules, working their way into my body, their chemical load pumping 
into my bloodstream.  I felt a longer tendril start to push into my 
anus, massaging, the pleasure easily outweighing the discomfort.  My 
lips closed around a nipple, feeding as I worshipped her body.  My 
arousal grew slowly, building up and then peaking over what seemed like 
days.  Orgasms lasted hours, leaving me fresh and eager for more.

A long time later I felt my mind returning to my body.  I blinked as I 
became aware of my surroundings.  I was still laying on Sarkas's front, 
a position comfortable and reassuring to me now.  I squirmed, feeling 
my shaft press inside her, but the time had passed, she was not ready 
for me now.  There was a strange sucking sensation and her tail slowly 
pulled itself from my spine.  I arched my head, feeling the spaded tip 
that had remained.

Sarkas opened her eyes slowly, looking me over.

"Hello mate," she said softly.

"Hello Mistress," I replied, giving a slight bow out of respect and 

I stood and moved the bathroom.  The changes were obvious.  My hairless 
skin had begun to take on a green complexion.  I was taller now, 
standing in around the eight foot mark.  Claws had began to slip from 
my fingers and toes, I discovered I was already walking on the tips of 
my feet.  I turned my head, looking at the line of ridges which ran 
down my spine, the large almost rubbery spade tip which cradled the 
back of my head.

That provided a link to my Mistress, a link that could never be broken, 
not that I would ever want it to be.

I moved back to my Mistress.  She had passed her time in heat, but it 
would return soon enough.  I may be smaller than her, but I would be 
ready.  I looked down at the sheath that now housed my penis, below 
that my testicles were the size of oranges.  I knew they would only get 
larger.  During Mistress's next heat, I would be able to serve her 
properly as her mate should.

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