Species: Tigeress, Vulpine, Canine
Keywords: Adult, Transformation, Chemical, Scifi, hypnosis
Does Crime Pay?

	This one is a quicky that didn't start out the way it ended, so sorry
if it seems a little disjointed at times, but that was also the thing I was
aiming for.  I sort of like the main character.

Does Crime Pay?
By Divigon

The initial injection was painless.  There was a click, a soft hiss and a it 
was done.

"There," said the doctor.  "That's your first dose, that should make your body 
a little more accommodating.  Now, we'll just get you to your room before 
things start to take too much of a hold."

I nodded, I was still in somewhat of a daze at the whole thing, or maybe it was 
the drugs they gave me when I was pulled off the street.  The thought of being 
kidnapped rousted me again and I shook my head; the hands closing around me; 
the sweet smelling cloth being pushed over my muzzle and everything spiralling 
away into darkness.

When my mind managed to come to, I found myself in some sort of clinical room.  
I was naked, spread in what appeared to be a doctor's chair.  I could see a fox 
in a white coat talking to a hyena.  I could smell the hyena from here and I 
knew they were one of the ones involved with my abduction.  I tried to move, 
but could barely make my arm twitch, all my muscles seemed to relaxed and 
powerless.  My ears twitched as I listened in on the conversation.

"Not a problem," the fox was saying.  "She's signed, so see the receptionist at 
the front desk.  I'll begin the treatment right away, so she'll be out within 
the week."

"Good to know doc," replied the hyena, giving him a pat on the back.  "We'll be 
back for her then."

"Yes," nodded the fox.  "I'm sure you will be."

The hyena left and the fox turned to face me.

"Ahh, you're awake," he said.  "Well, in a manner of speaking.  Don't try to 
move too much.  You're at a low state of consciousness.  It is much easier this 

He readied the hypodermic gun and pressed it against my neck, I felt the click 
and blinked, this was all too familiar.

The florescent lights overhead moved past one at a time, each one catching my 
gaze and drawing my eyes up until it rolled out of view, replaced a few seconds 
later by another.  I lost count, my head slipping to one side as the fox 
burbled on behind me as he pushed the chair along.

From what I remember he was a doctor, the hyena was a member of the local crime 
cartel.  The doctor's company was conducting genetic research, the cartel 
wanted something from it and I had been dragged into the middle of it.  They 
provided a body, the company provided the science and apparently I was the 
organic mass.

I know I should have been angry, or mad, or frightened, but instead I just 
giggled and drooled a little over my fur.  The doctor said it was something to 
do with the drugs they used to kidnap me, I shrugged and teased a nipple.  The 
doctor seemed to like that, he said it was working, I just giggled again.

The doctor paused at a door.  I remember him very carefully donning a mask 
before wheeling me into an airlock.  As the inner door slid open I was hit by 
the delightful sweet smell of something I could not quite place.  It made me 
shudder and the doc helped me over to a bed and lay me down on it before 

I am not sure how long I lay there for.  It was quite a while I know that, 
hours at least.  I did not want to move, I was feeling so relaxed, so peaceful, 
so aroused.  It was my arousal that caused me to move eventually, I stretched, 
sitting up slowly and looked around.

The room was basic.  There was the bed that I was on.  A small basin and toilet 
in the corner and a large tub slightly offset from the centre of the room.  Two 
large panels overlooked everything and I knew they had to open into an 
observation room.  Beside the door was a small recess build into the wall with 
various items in it.

I peered at the items, not surprised to see they were quite the range of adult 
toys.  At that point I realised one of my paws was sunk deep inside my sex.  I 
pulled it out and for the first time blushed.  I felt my walls clench on 
nothing at all and whimpered, quite unaware of choosing a silver dildo from the 
selection and sliding it into my folds.  I purred softly, that felt so much 

I moved to the side, studying my reflection in one of the panels.  My pale 
underside was broken by the black nubs of my nipples that poked through the 
fur.  I brought my paws up, grasping my chest and admiring my form.  I noticed 
the dampness of my fingers and began to lick my juices from my paw as I studied 
myself.  The glossy black lines of my feline heritage curving around my orange 
back, my tail twitching behind me.  I stared, hypnotised by the sight of my 
muscles moving the chromed dildo between my legs before I shuddered.  It was 
not quite an orgasm, I am not sure what it was, but it was very nice.

I breathed deeply, I could tell the air was thick, laden with something but I 
was not sure what.  I looked at the large tub and moved over to it.  It was 
filled with a what seemed to be a greenish liquid.  I reached in, giggling as 
the strange slime coated my fingers.  I squished my fingers together, trapping 
it between my paw pads, before rubbing it into my fur.

It felt rather compelling and I slipped into the tub eagerly.  Feeling the 
slime ooze through my fur made me shiver and I spread my toes.  The tub was 
large enough for me to fit into completely and I lay back, my head sinking into 
the goo.  It seemed so peaceful like this, everything just drifting away as I 
relaxed...  I breathed in deeply, yelping as my lungs got a mouthful of goo.  I 
panicked, gripping the sides of the tub, but my paws just slid over the smooth 
surface.  I gasped, more goo sinking into my lung, fear starting to rise 
through my brain as I desperately tried to get out.  I could feel the darkness 
descending and was powerless to stop it...

I do not know how long I was unconscious for.  When I woke it was a slow 
wakening.  I was still in the tub, my body completely surrounded by the goo, I 
could feel it inside me, a slow regularly soothing pulse.  I realised it was 
keeping me alive, I could breathe in it, the thought strangely reassuring more 
than frightening.  I did not want to leave, it felt so good to just relax, so I 
remained still, floating.

At some level I was aware of the changes, I could feel things happening, but my 
mind could not make sense of them.  I was content to just lay there and enjoy.

I do not know how long it was, but eventually the goo began to thin, over time 
changing from the thick viscous green to a lighter clearer shade, slowly 
pushing me to the surface before the drains opened, nozzles on either side 
showering me clean.

I sat up slowly, pulling myself upright, then stepping from the tub.  Like 
before, I looked at myself, what I saw was quite different.

I was still feline, but only in appearance.  My shape had been altered, narrow 
waist, flared hips and a chest that I knew would make males drool.  My two 
lower pairs of vestigial nipples had grown, not to the same proportions as my 
chest, but it was now recognisable I had three pairs of breasts.

I turned this way and that, taking in the increased glossiness of my new form.  
It seemed quite natural to see myself as partially translucent, what had been 
pale white fur, now gel with a strangely reassuring faint green glow.

I stretched slowly, opening my mouth so my longer and thicker tongue could 
unfurl, my tail twitching behind me with new found strength.

I walked closer to the panel and tapped on the glass.

"Oh doctor... do you want to come out and play...?" I teased.

I could not see him, but I could sense him through.  I could feel his heart 
beating, the jumble of thoughts racing through his brain.  It did not take much 
to intercept them, subtly filter them and guide them to something more useful.

I was at the door as it opened. 

"Good boy," I told him, reaching out to stroke over his cheek.

Mental contact was one thing, but physical contact meant he was now mine.  I 
pressed him backwards into the airlock, planting my lips against his and 
letting my tongue press into his mouth.  He fumbled with his lab coat as I 
reached beneath it and slipped his trousers down.  He was fully erect and 
eager, I knew he would not last too long and quickly straddled him.

It only took a few quick thrusts and he climaxed, my inner walls feeding on his 
juices as he panted, his body an empty husk.  I smiled to myself, letting my 
mind wander through his, gathering the information I needed.

The cartel would be coming for me within the hour.  I was to be their new toy.  
It was a tempting idea, but not quite what I had in mind.

I let the doctor regain some intelligence and had him lead me down the corridor 
to his office.  There was something nice about seeing the other staff and 
teasing them with snippets of their fantasies, watching how they stiffened and 
occasionally shuddered as I let them feel sensations that only existed within 
their dreams.

Inside the office I took a seat.  I knew the cartel would be expecting an 
obedient nymphomaniac, or as they had told the doctor, a fucktoy.  The doctor 
said nothing, he just stared blankly into space, a puppet on strings.  I smiled 
inwardly.  The doctor had been completely unaware of what he had created, no 
that I minded though.

Without so much as a knock, the door opened and the three members sent to 
collect me marched in.  Of course, they had not been a surprise, I sensed their 
primitive minds long before.  By the time they entered the room I had laced the 
air with liberal amounts of certain pheromones.

"Where is she doc?" demanded the first hyena before the door had finished 

His intent was to intimidate, an effect lost as his voice softened as my mind 
began to tease over his.  The other two squeezed into the room behind him.  
There were two hyenas and a wolf.  The close quarters made things so much 

The fox pointed to me and all three of them let their jaws drop.  Of course, I 
had posed myself seductively on the couch, one leg drawn up exposing my sex, 
fingers caressing a nipple invitingly.

"You can try her out," I made the doctor say.

I nodded in agreement.

"Hello boys," I purred in my best sultry voice.  "I'm just dying to meet 

All three canines gave a whimper as their jeans suddenly strained and I smiled, 
mentally planing a suggestion that being naked would be so much more enjoyable.  
Their minds were so open and pliable, I could have taken them there, but I had 
my needs.

I purred as they stripped, letting my eyes enjoy their naked fur.  They may be 
scum, but they were good looking scum.  I stood up slowly and sauntered over.  
I found it amusing I could make them cum without even touching them, just like 
the fox they were putty before me.

I kissed the nearest one deeply, moving myself in closer so his large shaft 
slid smoothly into my folds.  He shuddered, but unlike the doc, I took my time 
with this one.  I planted a few suggestions in their minds, then smiled as the 
hyena guided me back towards the couch.  As I suggested, the second hyena 
slipped into the couch before I did and I was slowly lowered onto him.  I 
moaned as I was sandwiched between them, wrapping my legs around the one in 
front and letting him move back and forth as he laid me down.

The wolf moved to knee at the top of the couch and I arched my head back, 
stretching over the hyena below me to engulf the wolf's large shaft.  Curling 
my tail between the hyena in front of me I slid its slick rounded tip up under 
his tail, stretching my paws up to grip the wolf's hips and pull him in.

Now this is how things should be.  I tied the minds together and began to move 
slowly, the canines shuddering as I carefully and slowly teased them towards 
their peak, I did not want to rush this, I needed a good feed.  I groaned, the 
three males, echoing my voice as I increased the pleasure, moving faster and 
faster and then released the inhibitors.  All three peaked at once, their 
shafts throbbing and exploding deep within me as I shuddered and accepted their 

I purred happily to myself, slowly oozing from in between the three comatose 
thugs and reforming into my new shape.  That was so much better.  I looked 
down, my formally translucent underside now a pleasant milky white.  I gave 
them a while to recover as I debated suitable outfits, eventually deciding on a 
skin tight blue coating, that had a sinfully low-cut neckline and no back line.  
I made all four males sit up and watch me as I formed various clothing shapes, 
measuring their thought processes, not that there was much thought.

"Good boys," I told them all when I was ready.  "Now get dressed, I have a 
crime gang to meet."

I smiled on the drive there, gathering more intelligence from the canine's open 
minds.  When we arrived, they lead me inside and I smiled.

"Hello," I announced to the criminals.  "I'm here to help..."

That was quite a few years ago.  One of the first things I did after taking 
over the cartel was to modify business operations.  We changed focus from crime 
to adult entertainment, its legal and there is much more money in it, plus it 
is good at getting my words and thoughts out to people.  Look at you, you're 
reading this...  Good boys...

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