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Species: Orca, Kangaroo
Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
By Divigon

Sharing a room was not part of the original deal, but it did make 
financial sense and money can be an important motivator.  I gave a 
polite smile to the kangaroo as we both arrived at the room after a 
full day at the conference. 

That was when we noticed there was only one bed.

We both groaned.  

I checked my watch, it was nearing midnight, I had arrived in the early 
hours of the morning and I just felt like sleeping.

"I don't care," I announced, dumping my luggage.  "I'm just going to 
have a shower and crash.  We'll sort it out in the morning."

"Ok," agreed the kangaroo, stifling a yawn.

I made my way to the bathroom and proceeded to enjoy a long 
rejuvenating shower.  Whenever I am feeling exhausted, a shower always 
works wonders for me.  I finished up and gave myself a cursory pat 
down, just enough to stop water dripping on the carpet.  Orcas were 
never meant to be too dry anyway, my skin would absorb the remaining 
water, keeping it moist and slick.

I walked back into the main room, not bothering to put any clothes on.  
Another thing orcas don't have to worry about is modesty.  Carl, the 
roo was watching television. 

"I'm heading for bed," I announced, waiting for the last of the water 
to disappear so I did not soak the bed.

"I'll join you," said Carl, turning off the television.  "I won't have 
a shower now.  Believe me, damp roo isn't a nice thing between the 

"No, I suppose not," I chuckled.

Carl pulled off his suit and dumped it over the sofa.  I blinked in 
surprise and could not help notice the tight pair of rubber boxer 
shorts that he had slipped around his waist.  They were black and 
polished, skin tight, not leaving much to the imagination.  He noticed 
me looking and grinned.

"You like?" he asked.

I blushed and squirmed a little at being caught.  

"Yes," I admitted.  "Not what I would have expected you to wear."

"Oh, I don't know," he said, a hand absently rubbing over his hip.  
"They're nice... tight.  Form fitting, very nice to wear actually.  I 
have a thing for smooth slick things."

I could not help but notice how he looked at me when he said that.  

I blushed again.  

"Well... ummm..." I stammered.  "Good night then."

I quickly turned off the light, leaving the room dim as I slid into 

"Night," he rumbled softly, and I felt him slip into his side of the 

I sighed, rolling over so my back faced him.  It was not that I did not 
like him, its just I did not expect that.  I had felt the faint flush 
of pink spread over my underside when I saw him like that, the first 
time I had actually realised how I felt about the roo.  My eyes started 
to close, images of the roo and his tight rubber shorts still dancing 
before me.

I heard myself groan, waking up from my slumber.  The room was still 
dark and it took me a while to remember where I was.  I had rolled over 
and there was something warm and fluffy against my chest.  I blinked as 
I realised it must be Carl, I could feel paws rubbing my chest, 
something warm and slick against my slit.  I looked down, the roo had 
his eyes open and was looking back at me.

"Mmm... you're awake..." he purred.  "I wouldn't want you to miss 

I gave a little meep of surprise which turned into a chuur as he rolled 
me onto my back, straddling my hips.  I realised my shaft was already 
almost fully erect and I could feel strong kangaroo paws rubbing along 
it.  He leant forwards, lifting himself and then lowering back down 
slowly.  My shaft slipping up under his tail easily, the small tip 
sinking into the warmth, spreading him as it grew wider towards the 
base.  His actions were slow, my own strangely dreamlike, I could feel 
his body moving over mine, warm latex pressing against by swollen slit, 
his body impaled on mine.

Paws traced complicated patterns over my chest, his legs flexing and 
the thick roo tail heavy over my own.  He started to lift, rolling his 
hips and arching back.  I felt myself start to slip out as he drew 
himself up, then just after my tip left his prostate he began to slide 
back down.  I had never felt anything quite like it, it was as if was a 
dream.  Our actions slow and gentle, but the pleasure immense.  I do 
not know for how long we continued, my shaft slowly filling.  I 
remember rubbing his hips, my thumbs tracing over his bulging shaft 
where it was trapped within those enchanting shorts.

The sensations continued to build.  I closed my eyes as they became too 
much.  Giving a cetacean squeal I peaked.  Waves of pent up orca seed 
spurting deep within the roo.  Above me Carl groaned, but showed no 
other signs of release.  His actions slowing, his hands rubbing his 
belly as he arched back, muscles milking my shaft.  I smiled up at him, 
a sensation of relaxed bliss spreading over me as sleep dragged me once 
again to my dreams.

I awoke considerably later.  The room was dim indicating sometime in 
the morning.  I rolled over, discovering the bed empty.  My thoughts 
turned to the night before.  Perhaps it was all a dream.

"Carl?" I ventured.

"Here," came a voice from the sofa.

"Not good," I thought.  "Are you ok?"

"Fine," he rumbled, his voice relaxed and somehow seductive.

"Umm... last night..." I ventured.  "Did we... you know..."

"Yes," he purred.  "And thank you... I needed that."

I slapped my forehead.  What an idiot I had been.

"Why are you on the sofa?" I asked, looking at the back of it.

"It was more comfortable for this stage," he rumbled back.

"What stage?" I asked, curious now as I climbed out of bed.

I made my way over to the sofa.  Carl was not really on it as such.  He 
was sort of squatting on the floor, his body arched back against the 
sofa, cushions propped up behind his head.  His legs were folded 
beneath him, but splayed.  What really got my attention though was what 
he was wearing; his entire body was covered from head to toe in black 
rubber.  The second thing I noticed was his belly was distended, one 
large rubbery paw stroked it gently, the other was held under his tail.

"You're just in time," he purred, gasping, before grunting a little.

"What the hell is going on," I demanded, trying to ignore my feelings 
for him in that suit.

"I'll tell you later..." he groaned, clenching his teeth and pushing 
himself forward.

He landed on all fours, his thick tail held high giving me a closer 
view than I expected under his tail.  Something was pushing out.  
Something big.  The fingers of one hand were teasing the opening giving 
him soft gasps that sounded like pleasure, every few moments though 
there was a grunt and the muscles contracted, revealing more of the 

It sounds crazy, but it looked like an egg.  Sort of silvery in colour, 
it was slowly being forced from his body.  I'm not sure how long it 
took, I was hypnotised by the display, Carl alternatively gasping and 
grunting in a mixture of pleasure and pain, his fingers teasing, his 
tail held high.  Slick fluids dribbled down his thighs and the object 
seemed to reach the critical point.  He gave a sigh, the egg slipping 
out relatively easily now, into a waiting paw.

His tail drooped and he arched his back, rubber suit glinting slightly 
as he rolled back against the cushions, cradling the silvery thing to 
his chest.  It was probably six inches wide and eight or nine inches 
long.  It looked huge, especially for something to come out from under 
your tail.

He spent a few moments recovering, and then stood slowly, walking 
around the sofa so he face me.

"Back to bed please," he said.  

It was not a request; it was a very nicely spoken order.  I felt 
compelled to obey, the threat of the rubber clad kangaroo somehow 
overriding my thirst for answers to my unasked questions.

I stumbled backwards, ending up in the bed.  He kept approaching, 
straddling my legs and looking at me with a knowing grin.  I shivered 
not knowing what was about to happen and wondering why I was not 
panicking as I ought to be.

He held out the egg, his thumbs pressing into it and it cracked with a 
satisfying sound and he upended the contents of each shell over my 

I looked down, watching a strange silvery substance ooze from the two 
halves, it met my skin, tingling slightly and starting to spread.  The 
first hurdle it found was my slit, I felt it ooze it, coating it and I 
began to grow, but the substance held me in place.  It continued to 
crawl over the rest of my body, coating my groin, a thick tendril 
slipping into me aft slit and I moaned at the sensation, finding myself 
arching up into it.  Carl smiled and stepped from the bed, I felt the 
warm liquid continue to spread, enveloping my body.  Strangely I did 
not feel afraid, it was more as if I was being accepted, but by what, I 
did not know.

The substance moved over me, tingling and not leaving any of me 
uncovered.  The soles of my feet, between my fingers, even oozing into 
my mouth, completely enveloping me.  Something changed; I could feel 
it, a sense of purpose.  I was still who I was, but I was also 
something more.

I stood slowly, removing myself from the bed.  My body gleaming silver 
for a few moments then began to fade to a darker gun metal grey.  I 
bowed before Carl and the black rubber kangaroo patted my head gently.  
As producer of my symbiont I was subordinate to him, although this was 
not an enforced rule.  My orca knowledge had fused with that of my 
symbiont.  There was an unspoken word to my companion and I watched his 
large kangaroo shaft begin to slip from a seam which flowed into place 
on his suit.  Eagerly I embraced it with my tongue, knowing his seed 
for start to produce another egg.

Lots of eggs... one for each member of the conference... it was going 
to take some time...

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