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Compare and Contrast

	The idea behind this story had been floating around in my head
for quite a while, but it was not until the last few days that it actually
managed to manifest itself, so here it is.  Quite simple, but drawn out.

Compare and Contrast
By Divigon

Divigon blinked at surprise at the sight of another orca.

"Hi," he said, pulling his large frame out of the doorway and allowing 
the other to enter.

The other stopped as if in shock as well.  Divigon's mobile beeped and 
he poked it with a paw and gave a sigh.

"I'd love to say something more, but I've got to run," he said in 
explanation before adding.  "I'll be back in a few."

"I'm just here to check out one of the apartments," said the other.  
"Not sure how long it will take me.  Do you know where the building 
manager is?"

"Try the office, down the hall, first door on the left.  It's been ages 
since I've seen another cetacean.  My place is 704," added Divigon, 
starting to take a few steps outside.  "When you're finished, feel free 
to stop by, I'll probably only be twenty minutes or so."

"Sure," he nodded.  "Anyway, I've got to go, go to meet the agent."

Divigon nodded, gave a grin and hurried down the step.  He muttered a 
little to himself about timing.  It was rare to see another cetacean in 
this area, let alone another orca and when one does show up, he has an 
almost pointless appointment he can not change.  He growled and entered 
the building, getting a little satisfaction from the way most folk 
naturally stepped back from his twelve foot frame.

He was lucky, the appointment was quick, papers were signed and he was 
on his way again in about fifteen minutes.  The lift seemed to take 
ages to reach his floor, but he was pleasantly surprised to see the 
other orca standing in the hall.

"I'm all done, but don't have any other plans for the day," he said as 
soon as Divigon appeared.  "So I thought I'd take you up on your 

"That's quite kind of you," smiled Divigon, slipping past him and 
opening the door.  "Its not every day I see an orca in these parts.  My 
name is Divigon by the way, but feel free to call me Div."

"I'm Orcinus," said the other orca.  "Although most of the time that's 
just Orci.  Yeah, I know, my parents weren't the most adventurous 

Divigon chuckled.

"I've got a wet room," he said starting to undo the robe he had thrown 
on.  "Feel free to make yourself comfortable."

"Thanks," said Orcinus beginning to unbutton the coat he had on.

Like Divigon, under his outer layer Orcinus wore a half height wetsuit.  
The two orcas helped each other pull the tight fitting garments off, 
then Divigon led Orcinus inside.

"Here we are," he said with a smile, gesturing to the room.

Orcinus looked around, "Nice," he said nodding.

As if on cue jets above them started to hiss, a fine mist blowing out.  
Divigon moved into one of the heavier streams and stretched, then 
gestured to one of the rubbery couches.

"Make yourself at home," he offered, quietly looking over the other 

"Thanks," nodded Orcinus.  "It's a nice place you've got here.  I do 
like this room."

"So do I," admitted Divigon.  "Its more connivent for entertaining with 
other phins than a regular room, more practical than a pool.  It drives 
felines crazy, so for me, that's a definite plus."

Divigon grinned, looking over Orcinus.  He was similar in size to 
himself, maybe just a little taller.  He had the sleek black and white 
colouring, his dorsal fin did not appear to be as large and he wore a 
filled out pair of lyrca racing bathers.

"Ahh, so you're an outie," said Divigon with a smile, looking to make 

"What?" asked Orcinus as he took a seat, carefully slotting his dorsal 
into the slit in the back of the chair.  He looked down at his Speedo 
bathers and nodded.

"Yeah," he said somewhat bashfully, a large paw adjusting himself as he 
leant back.  His eyes travelled over Divigon, lingering for a few 
moments on the plainly visible fore-slit.  "And you're an innie."

"Yeap," chirped Divigon.  "Don't you find those a little 
uncomfortable?"  he nodded at the bathers.

"A little," admitted Orcinus. "But they're good for holding things in 
place while I'm walking around."

He seemed to think about that for a moment, then shrugs and pulled the 
Speedos down, letting them pool around and ankle as he spread his legs.

"That is better," he rumbled, a large paw giving his balls a rub, his 
legs drifting apart almost obscenely.

Divigon leant forward, blatantly looking at the other orcas groin.

"Sorry," he said when he realised what he was doing, his eye patches 
blushing.  "I just haven't seen many external orcas.  Then again, I 
haven't seen many orcas at all.  Not around here."

"Might be seeing some more of me," smiled Orcinus, not seeming to mind 
the staring.  "Work is sending me here for a bit, that's what I was 
doing today, checking out somewhere to rent."

"Ahhh," nodded Divigon, pulling himself back.  "Found anywhere?"

"Yeah," nodded Orcinus.  "This place seems to have some possibilities, 
but I've got some other places to look at tomorrow."

"Sounds reasonable," mused Divigon.

There was a nervous silence for a few moments.

"I haven't seen many internal orcas myself," started Orcinus, his own 
eyes gravitating to Divigon's slit.

"No?" checked Divigon.  "Well, I'm sure we're quite similar.  Do you 
have questions?"

Orcinus's eyes seemed to sparkle.

"How large are you in there?" he asked with a smile.

"Normally about eighteen inches, but that can grow a little if I'm 
really excited," blushed Divigon, his underside taking on a faint pink 
hue.  "You?"

"Beat you," grinned Orcinus.  "Two foot.  And about five inches 

"I'm oval shaped," commented Divigon defensively.  

He gestured to his slit.

"That would make my base about seven inches north-south and about four 
inches east west," he let his fingers linger on his slit, noticing 
Orcinus's shaft twitch, the foot long length starting to unfold.

Orcinus's hand slipped down, giving his sac a rub, then stroking slowly 
over the thick tube.

"How big are your balls?" asked Orcinus.

Divigon looked down at his smooth underside, the pinkening area around 
his fore-slit slid smoothly down past his aft slit and to his tail.

"I have no idea," admitted Divigon.  "I know where they are and that 
they work, but that's about it.  Yours are pretty big though, they look 
about the size of a honey dew?"

"Yeap," nodded Orcinus and his paw adjusted them again.

The tight white sac almost seemed to flow around them, keeping them 
snug and right with a teasing amount of detail.  

"Volume then?" asked Divigon.  "How much do they hold?"

"Umm... about a milk bottle... what's that..."  Orcinus mentally 
calculated.  "About two litres.  You."

Orcinus's shaft was beginning to lift now, his black and white paw 
lightly teasing the tip.  Similarly, Divigon's fingers were rubbing 
back and forth over his slit, spreading the lips slightly, his pink tip 
beginning to push out.

"Beat me again," sighed Divigon.  "I don't think I'd be much over a 

The two sat there for a few moments, both idly teasing themselves, a 
soft chuur could be heard in the room.

"Recharge time?" asked Divigon with a smile.  "How long before you can 
be back at it?"

"About an hour," smiled Orcinus, his shaft twitching now.

"I win," cheered Divigon.  "Around twenty minutes for me.  And I don't 
go soft."

Divigon lightly pulled at his tip, the top few inches curling around 
his fingers and leaving them glistening as he teased himself.

"I do," admitted Orcinus.  "So you're prehensile then?"

"Yeap," nodded Divigon, his tip curling in a beckoning motion to the 
other orca.  "I won't say I have full control, the more excited I get 
the less control I have, but most of the time I have pretty good 
control over it...  See."

He grunted softly and his shaft suddenly expanded, around twelve inches 
of orca cock slipping out in a single smooth move, his slit lips 
spreading to accommodate the mass.  Divigon ran his fingers over the 
large length tracing over the top tide, teasing his tip then tracing 
down the underside to begin to process again.  A drop of clear pre 
descended form his tip, pooling on his pink belly.

"I can't do that," grunted Orcinus, his own shaft beginning to lift, 
about the same length as Divigon's.  "I can flex it a little, but no 

Divigon pulled himself a little closer on the couch, peering down at 
Orcinus's groin as he patting his own.

"That's a pity," he chuckled.  "Its an excellent party trick."

"It looked like it," agree Orcinus, reaching out slowly to trace a hand 
tentatively up Divigon's shaft.

The other orca gave an approving nod, his tip curling around Orcinus's 
fingers as they reached the top.  Divigon's own hand reached out, 
rubbing gently up Orcinus's thigh, stroking across his large sac, then 
finger tips traces up a vein in the pink mass, making it throb.

"So is that you full?" asked Orcinus as his own shaft hardened, a drop 
of his own pre forming at his tip.

Divigon looked down and gave a nod, the base of his shaft still just 
embraced by his now red slit-lips.

"When I get closer to orgasm," he explained.  "My slit looks as if its 
inverting and that pushes me out another two inches or so.  Once that 
happens, I loose control of my shaft, but usually at that stage I don't 

"Ahhh," nodded Orcinus, lightly gripping the wide base and giving a 
squeeze.  "It must feel quite enjoyable."

"Oh it does," agreed Divigon, his hips pressing up to meet the warm 
paw, his own rubbing the tip of Orcinus's spreading the rapidly 
increasing flow of pre over the purple tip.  "I take it yours doesn't 
do that?"

"No," said Orcinus managing to shake his head.  "It just hardens, then 
sprays cum everywhere."

"Ahhh," half sighed, half chuckled Divigon.  "Yes... I know the 

He gave a little squeak as Orcinus's paw moved up, then slid down 
pressing against the base of his slit.

"I must admit," he continued, his voice a little more high pitched as 
his tail flexed behind him.  "If you continue like this, you'll be 
seeing a demonstration shortly."

Orcinus gave another squeeze, feeling his own shaft pulsing, his tip 
releasing an increasing flow of pre in small miniature spurts.

"I like demonstrations," he rumbled softly.  "I may be giving one 
myself too."

He jerked his hand up Divigon's shaft, gripping it, then pushing down 
slowly, repeating the action.  Divigon gripped Orcinus's large length 
with one hand, his free hand clenching at the cushion.

"Oh gods!" he groaned and his shaft erupted, a powerful jet of hot orca 
seed spraying up over his belly, easily clearing his head before the 
pressure began to decrease, the fluids hosing over his pink belly as he 
panted, eyes opening and his hand gripping Orcinus's shaft with a 
twisting motion.

The sensation was too much for the other orca who gave his own moan of 
pleasure, thrusting his hips forward as his shaft hardened, feeling 
like living marble under Divigon's paw, the large balls churned and 
surrendered their load.  A thick geyser of orca spunk shooting from 
Orcinus's blunt tip, launching like a fountain before splattering down 
over the two of them. 

Both orcas gave a deep satisfied chuur, their respective shafts still 
twitching, thick milky fluid flowing freely as they both recovered.

"So that's what an outie is like," managed Divigon after several 
minutes had passed.

"And that's what an innie is like," responded Orcinus in the same 
blissful tone.

"Well, there is more to us that that," teased Divigon, giving Orcinus's 
shaft a rub, watching it soften a little.

"I think I would have to find out more then," rumbled Orcinus.  
"Knowledge is an important thing."

"Indeed," agreed Divigon.  "You know, I do have a spare room... if 
you're still in the market..."

"That's a kind offer," churred Orcinus, wiping some of Divigon's seed 
from his chest and licking his finger, as if comparing the flavour.  
"Of course, I won't have any furniture for a few days..."

"Well, I do have a water bed... a large water bed..." offered Divigon.  
"It is special designed for orcas."

"See, I'm learning things already," grinned Orcinus, giving Divigon a 
beak rub before adding.  "Roomie."

Divigon just churred and nibbled gently on Orcinus's fingers.

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