Keywords: Hypnosis, adult
Species: Unknown

By Wolphin.

The computer beeped while at the same time a little postbox appeared in the 
corner of the screen.  She clicked on it in anticipation.  She loved getting 
emails from him, she was never sure why, some were just conversations about his 
day, others discussed fantasies and some just seemed to roam about, never 
really focusing on anything.

This was one of the latter, her eyes running over the screen as her hands began 
to roam on their own.  She was use to it now, for some reason it was strangely 
erotic, but also reassuring.

He was mentioning something about work as her hand stroked up her inner thigh, 
her other hand was running in slow circles around her left breast.  She had 
changed into her latex catsuit when she got home, its glistening blackness 
enveloping her.  She liked the way it caressed her body, not that she would 
ever admit it to anyone; it just seemed to cling in a very tantalising way.

A gloved finger reached her sex as her eyes continued to scan the page.  The 
latex was pressed in snug against her labia, allowing her to feel every caress, 
but if she closed her eyes, it felt strangely alien.  She could still easily 
identify it as her own, but if she just relaxed and let her mind drift, it was 
different.  She was the black pantheress, ready to stalk her prey.

Her eyes read over his words as she felt the changing paw trace over a nipple, 
the nub already firm, hardening further, pressing into the smooth expanse of 
latex.  She shivered, tweaking it between her rubberised claws, before that paw 
slid down slowly to join the other between her legs.

One paw stretched the glossy black rubber while the other massaged the 
underlying flesh with a paw pad.  Her movements slow, she did not want to rush 
herself, although she knew it would not be long.  She paused to focus on his 
words, he had solved some sort of computing problem at work today, she was sure 
that was a good thing and she pushed down against her mound with the heel of 
one palm.

A little latex polish goes a long way, her paw slid down silently, the 
sensations causing her hips to lift and she gave a purr of pleasure, lingering 
so her fingers traced over her sex, pressing against her still hidden clitoris.  
That led to her knees drifting open, the tight rubber helping to spread her 
sex, a fact she took advantage of with her claw tips, just stroking from the 
base of her sex, over her exposed inner walls, brushing her clitoris for the 
briefest of moments.  She tried not to moan, but could not help herself, her 
paws were beginning to move on their own now, growing faster as she continued 
her caress.

She was getting towards the end of the letter now, she could feel its climax 
approaching.  His after work drinks had gone well and now here he was, typing 
this out for her.  He hoped she enjoyed it, he knew her hips would be bucking 
by now as she gave cute little mewing noises, but if would feel even better if 
she pressed a knuckle in...

She arched, heels wrapped around the legs of the chair, paws pressing back down 
against her hips, trying to hold her down while she thrust upwards.  She could 
not help herself, her thumbs stabbed against her clitoris and she shuddered.  
Gasping as her orgasm washed over her body.

She sat still for a few moments, breathing hard, her body shaking before 
beginning to write a reply...

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