Keywords: Transformation, Adult
Species: Human, Avian
Avian Times
By Divigon

"Quick, pick an animal," shouted David as Adam entered.

"What?" questioned Adam, dumping his stuff in his room and wandering 
to the lounge room.

"Pick an animal," repeated David.  "Any animal.  Well, maybe one 
that you'd like to be."

"Ummm," thought Adam aloud. "Dolphin.  Why?"

David nodded and scribbled some notes beside the tome he was poring 

"I'm going to cast a spell.  This one is going to work for sure."

Adam rolled his eyes.  "Another one?  I hope this one doesn't 
involve any more of those ingredients.  Ever since that thing with 
the newts eyes exploded the kitchen just hasn't been the same 

David shook his head, "No.  This one is words only.  Don't worry.  
It will work...  Won't take long.  You can hang around if you want."

Adam shook his head, "No way.  I'm going to have a shower than veg.  
I've just come back from training and I stink.  I'll let you do the 
magic.  I'll do the cleaning."

David didn't reply and Adam left him waving his hands theatrically 
and murmuring to himself.  Adam was a strange lad, a good roommate, 
but had these strange ideas.  This obsession with spells and magic 
was bordering on unhealthy, but they still managed to get on ok 
together, so it couldn't have been that much of a problem.

Like always, Adam had a good long shower, emerging from the bathroom 
in a cloud of steam.  He did not even manage to make it to his room 
when David's excited calls drew him into the lounge.

"What's up?" he asked, shaking the water from one ear.

"It works!" exclaimed David.

"What does?"

"The spell."

"Oh," Adam blinked.  "Are you sure?  You still look pretty human to 

David shook his head.

"I've started to change," he whispered in a conspiratal voice.

"Ummm, where?" ventured Adam.

Without warning, David stood up and dropped his shorts.

"Oh jeees, David!" shouted Adam, immediately backing away, heading 
for the door.

"No... wait," said David.  "Look."

There was something in his voice that made Adam stop.  Slowly, 
almost dreading what he was going to see, he turned to look at his 
friend.  When a man isn't wearing clothes from the waist down, 
regardless of what you try to do, there is only one place your eyes 
go.  Adam tried to resist, but his mind had other ideas, then his 
eyes opened wider in surprise with what he saw.

In the few months they had been living together, he had never seen 
David naked.  It was not something he thought about, but he did know 
what a normal human male was supposed to look like.  

David didn't look like that.

The general design was right, but where a normal crotch would be 
covered in hair with a penis sticking out of it, David's was smooth 
and pink.  Not only that, his penis was a lot shorter than Adam 
expected.  Shorter, but what it lacked it length, it made up for in 

Adam couldn't help himself.

"What the hell happened to you?" he almost exploded.

"I don't know," admitted David.  "I said the words for the spell, 
didn't think they had worked, then a few moments later I felt this 
tingling.  I looked down and I could see all my hair being sucked 
back into the skin.  I mean, it was seriously freaky.  Then my cock 
began to change."

"What does it feel like?" Adam was beginning to find himself 

"Oh, really nice," said David with a hint of a smile on his face.  
"When I saw what was happening, I thought it would hurt, but it 
doesn't.  Actually, it's a bit of a turn on.  I'm feeling as horny 
as hell."

Adam coughed and pulled himself back

"Any other changes?" he asked after a moment.

David shrugged and pulled off his t-shirt, leaving him naked.  

"You tell me?"

Adam looked over the other male.  It was the change to the crotch 
that was what caught your eye.  As David turned around, Adam cocked 
his head to one side.

"Well, now that you mention it, your back doesn't look right," he 
said.  "It doesn't look like its curving how I'd expect it to."

His eyes gravitated back to David's groin and he jumped back.

"Do you mind?" he snapped.  

David's left hand was idly stroking itself over what was left of his 

"Sorry man," murmured David.  "But I'm just so horny, you know.  It 
feels so good."

Adam let out an eek, pulled his head back then peered down closer at 
his friend's groin.  

"It's changed more," he said.  "It's shorter and wider.  I'm sure of 

David just nodded and kept his hand moving slowly.  Soon his hand 
had to stop in its stroking and change to a rubbing, there was not 
enough shaft left to grasp.  It seemed to have dissolved into 
David's groin.  The opening now being slightly oval in shape and a 
few inches in diameter.  David's finger had taken to probing into 
it; each time burying itself slightly deeper as a clear liquid began 
to ooze around the digit.  The human was becoming oblivious to the 
world as he obviously sank deeper into the pleasure.

For Adam it was bizarre.  He did not know what to do.  Part of him 
was revolted by it all, but another part of him was fascinated.  He 
found himself growing more and more curious, especially as he began 
to notice the other changes.  The most obvious were David's 
testicles.  Somehow, the skin behind his legs seemed to descend and 
the testicles sink into that, disappearing into a smooth arc of 

He became aware of his head lifting and tore his eyes away from the 
sexual activity to study the rest of David's form.  David had grown 
almost a foot in height.  Adam looked down at David's legs.  At the 
knee they began to narrow, thinning down before thickening at an 
ankle that was all wrong.  For one it was a good eight inches about 
the ground.  From the ankle, three toes splayed out.  Adam could 
still see the remains of the two pairs merging together and 
extending outwards.  A forth digit started to growing from the rear 
of the ankle, descending down towards the ground.

A moan brought Adam's attention back to the rest of David's form. 
The motions of his hand seeming strained.  As he watched Adam hand 
began twisting to the side, the muscles changing, pulling the arm 
away.  Adam's torso was already thicker, the bulging muscle clearly 
visible beneath the skin.  As his arms were pulled up his sides, 
David gave another moan, this one of frustration, his mouth opened 
as if to say something, but then his eyes widened in shock.  Without 
warning, his teeth began to push through his lips, his face 
distorting as his nose flattened.  The teeth seemed to fuse 
together, fading from the ivory white to a darkened brown.  

The colour and look instantly resembling a bird's beak.  David's 
shape started to distort as his skeleton adjusted.  Adam winced as 
he heard the grating and popping of bones.  David did not seem to be 
in any pain.  In fact, judging from the look on his face, it was 
just the opposite.  His ears folded back into his head and for a 
moment, everything was still.

David gave a moan, an undeniably sexual sound and made a few 
teetering steps towards Adam.  Adam panicked and took a step 
backwards, tripping over and ending up on his backside.  David 
cocked his head in a decidedly avian gesture and advanced towards 
the helpless human.  Adam was frozen in fear, the misshapen creature 
leaning over him.

Adam felt something brush against his leg.  It was warm and somewhat 
squishy.  He looked down and watched as David's groin descended over 
his knee.  There were no mistaking David's actions as he ground 
himself against Adam.  Adam felt slightly repulsed, but also was 
aware of his growing curiosity.  He could not deny the sensation was 
arousing.  He looked up at Adam.  Small bumps began to form over his 
pink skin, before dark tips seemed to emerge.

Adam's thrusting increased and his juices started to trickle down 
David's leg.  Curiosity peaked and David reached down and felt 
gently around the swollen area.  It was met by a moan of approval 
from Adam who lurched forward.  The tips extending until it was 
suddenly obvious that it was feathers that were emerging.  There was 
a rough scratching on his legs and David looked down to see Adam's 
feet harden into scales, the pink fading to yellow while feathers 
emerged above the knees.

There was a flapping noise as Adam pressed himself between David's 
hand and knee.  With no warning he lifted his head and gave an eagle 
like shriek, dropping his now feathered body over David.  The human 
felt the strange vent twitch, then spasm, a warm sticky liquid 
flowing out and dribbling over his hand and legs.

Adam remained still atop of David for several moments, his panting 
slowly easing before he stepped off.

"Holy shit," announced Adam, his voice definitely shriller and 
seeming to have problems with some of the words.  "It worked."

David lay himself back on the floor and closed his eyes.

"Its all a dream... just a dream..." he began chanting to himself.

He shivered as he felt something brush across his chest.  
Reluctantly he opened his eyes and looked down.  During the 
commotion his robe had opened, exposing himself to the avian who was 
slowly stroking a feathered finger over his exposed flesh.

David shivered, that felt good, very good indeed.

The feather descended lower, stroking over his erect length and 
David gave a purr, then opened his eyes.  That did not feel quite 

He looked down slowly and gave a gasp.  His normally straight length 
was expanding at the base.  He groaned as it grew slightly in size, 
then the groan changed to a moan as it reshaped itself into a smooth 
S shaped curve.

The bird clicked its beak together in an avian laugh.  

"Your turn," he murmured before straddling the changing human and 
lowering his feathers over the skin.  "Enjoy it..."

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