Keywords: Adult, Hypnosis
Species: Rat, Lion
A Walk in the Park
By Divigon

	This story was written with some furs and a RP of theirs in mind.  They wouldn't
tell me what they were up to, so I made it up.  They still won't tell me what they are 
doing in it, but they seemed to like the story.


Kres eyed the smaller figure as it walked through the moonlit 
pathways.  His feline body weaving silently between the trees, 
ducking through the undergrowth, studying his prey's every motion.  
The path curled around a corner and Kres ducked over the mound of 
earth and into his usual place of ambush.

His claws dug into the soft earth, his adrenalin was rising and the 
moment was completely shattered by a cough in his left ear.

"Waiting for someone are we?" said a soft voice beside him.

Kres's left arm swung out instinctively, claws extended, but they hit 
nothing but air.

"My my, a feisty one aren't we," said the voice again, this time from 
behind him.

Kres spun around, his eyes glowering as he recognised the being from 
the path.  It was a rat.  Not particularly large, the rat seemed to 
have some mysterious presence  that set off distant warning bells 
inside the lion's head, but he shook his mane and ignored them.

"Who are you?" he growled, claws flexing at the end of his 

"I believe you thought I was to be your prey," replied the rat 
calmly.  "However, I had other plans."

He looks over the lion.  

"Its disappointing, you could be so much more," he said, almost 
disdainfully and swirled his cloak theatrically as he spun around.

"I haven't said you could go," snapped Kres, leaping forward.  

The rat moved like greased lightning.  He sidestepped, reaching out 
to grab the lion's right arm as it swung at him.  The rat continued 
to move, momentum transferred smoothly to the feline's body which 
snapped to a stop and fell with a thud to the grass, his arm twisted 
painfully behind him.

"You didn't," hissed the rat behind him with just a hint of menace in 
his voice.  "But you didn't ask me to stay either and I'm sure you 
dislike uninvited guests.  Any other questions you'll have to ask me 
at my office.  I don't work nights."

Kres felt something being slipped into his back pocket and his rump 
given a firm pat.  With that, his arm was released and the pressure 
behind him disappeared.  He spun around again, ready to take a swipe, 
but there was no sign of the rat.  He looked around warily, then 
pulled himself to his feet and scampered away.

He did not stop running until he was a long way away.  Only then did 
he remember his back pocket.  He slipped his paw in and fished out a 
small business card.

In block print was the word Jotham.  Lower down was an address and 
under that a simple hours of operation 9-4.  Kres turned the card 
over slowly, shaking his head.  

The whole evening unnerved him.  Folks did not go around this 
neighbourhood on their own.  The rat should have been petrified when 
it saw the tiger, but he did not even bat an eyelid and the idea of 
having a rat sneak up on a feline like that.  Something was just not 

Three or four times, Kres went to toss the card aside, but he could 
not get the voice out of his head, telling him he could have been 
something better.  He did not need to be told that from a rat.  He 
shook his head, heading back to his dive of an apartment, the earlier 
events still echoing in his brain.

His sleep was restless and the next morning he found himself on the 
pavement outside the building mentioned on the card.  He did not know 
why he was here.  He had told his housemate he was going out for 
milk.  Then he told himself he needed to visit the bank, and it was a 
nice day so why not go for a walk and here he was.

He took a deep breath and stepped inside.

The building foyer was one of opulence.  Wood panelled walls and 
highly polished brass fixtures seemed to take pride of place.  There 
was a wolf behind the counter who looked up, raising an eyebrow at 
his obviously scruffy attire.

"Yes?" enquired the wolf.

"Ummm, Jotham?" said Kres after a moment's hesitation.

"Ahhh," said the wolf.  His expression changing strangely from one of 
alertness to one of almost puzzlement.

"Take the elevator to the top floor," he responded, almost 
automatically.  "Turn left and last door on the right.  I will call 
and tell him to expect you."

"Thank you," responded Kres and he headed for the elevators.

As he stepped inside he saw the wolf put down the phone and shake his 
head as if trying to remember something.  The doors closed and the 
lobby slipped out of sight.  A few moments later the doors opened 
revealing an unremarkable corridor.  He turned left and walked 
towards the end of the corridor.  Pausing outside the last door and 
preparing to knock.

He had just raised his paw when a voice from within calmly announced, 

Kres blinked, jumping a little in surprise, then recovered his wits 
and opened the door and stepped inside.

Inside looked almost as if it had been taken from some stately home 
in England.  Wood panelling abounded, giving the room a rich regal 
feeling.  One wall had a large open fireplace in it with what 
appeared to be an actual wood fire.  The others were lined with a 
mixture of shelves and paintings, covering almost every surface.  Off 
to one side was a large desk with an equally large padded leather 
chair behind it. Immediately in front of him was a small cluster of 
lounge chairs and in front of the fire there was a single couch and 

Sitting in the chair was the rat from last night.  He was sipping 
what appeared to be a cup of tea.

"Ahhh, come in," he said warmly.  "Please, make yourself 

He gestured to the couch and Kres found himself walking over and 
sitting down on it.

"What is this place?" he said, the questions suddenly queuing up in 
his mind.  "And better still, who are you?"

"Most call me Jotham," said the rat.  "And this is my office.  Now, 
may I enquire who you are?"

"They call me Kres," growled the lion, looking over the rat.  "I 
don't understand.  I was going to mug you yesterday, why do you 
invite me to your office?"

Jotham grinned a little, it somehow unnerved the lion.

"I get that a lot,"  he said.  "Lets just say, I am independently 
wealthy.  I don't have to work, I like staying out of the limelight, 
but I need to do something to keep myself busy.  So, I help people."

"You help people?" repeated Kres.

"That's right," beamed Jotham.  "Usually the people who don't know 
they need help.  The misguided, the misdirected or those who just 
don't know what they are going to do.  Isn't that why you're here?"

The lion swallowed, the rat had leant forward, fixing him with his 
strange blue eyes which seemed to look beyond the lion's outer shell.

"Ummm, I don't know..." stammered Kres.  "Errr, I suppose so...  You 
said yesterday, I could be more."

The rat nodded, not taking his eyes off the lion's.

"That I did," he said, his voice growing smoother somehow.

"What did you mean?" asked the lion, looking at the rat, trying to 
stare him down.

"Potential," replied the rat.  "You have a vast potential, but you 
have not tapped into it.  Either because you're unaware of it or you 
don't want to use it.  I can show you how to use it.  To become 

"Sounds like a lot of mumbo-jumbo," said Kres.  He blinked, cursed to 
himself at the smirk that flashed across the rat's face and made eye 
contact again.

"It may be, it all depends on how you view the world around you," 
responded Jotham.  "For example, I can see you view yourself as a 
predator, but actually you're not comfortable being at the top.  You 
like being lower down don't you?"

Jotham lowered his voice as he talked, watching lion who was staring 
intently at him.  He blinked, slowly and deliberately, watching the 
feline's eyelids droop, then close before opening again after a 

"Yes," murmured Kres, wondering why he actually admitted it.

"You prefer having someone above you to guide you..." whispered the 
rat softly.  "Someone to guide you.  Someone so you don't have to 

"Yes," nodded Kres, his eyes blinking slowly again before returning 
to eye contact with the rat's sapphire blue eyes.

"I can guide you," continued the rat, his voice soft and flowing.  
"If you'll let me...  Do you want me to guide you...?"

"Yes..." purred Kres for the third time, trying to maintain eye 
contact, but it seemed to be getting harder.

"Shhhh..." rumbled the rat.  "Its ok...  I can see you're tired... 
you can close your eyes if you like...  just close your eyes... 
relax... its nice..."

Jotham watched as the lion's eyelids drooped, opened for a moment, 
then closed once more.  This time his head sank down and he gave a 
sigh as his shoulders slumped.

"That's good..." continued the rat.  "Just relax... feel yourself 
drifting away... its so easy to float... just float... listening to 
my voice carrying you deeper... much deeper... so relaxed... don't 
resist the feeling, just let it carry you down deep... deeper... 
listening to the rat..."

Kres's body sank deeper into the cushions, his head lolling off to 
one side, his pink tongue poking from his lips, his breathing slow 
and regular.  Jotham smiled to himself, he always loved watching 
someone slip under his spell for the first time.

"Just relax... sleep... such a deep sleep..." murmured Jotham 
continuously until he guessed the feline was almost as deep as he 
could go.  "Just concentrate on my voice... you will want to answer 
my questions... you will be honest and each answer you give will make 
you feel so wonderfully relaxed..."

The lion's head lolled in what could have been interpreted as a nod.

"What is you name?" began Jotham.

"Kres," responded the lion, his voice rich, but somewhat distant.

"And what are you doing?" was the next question.

"I am sleeping... relaxed...?" came the answer, almost confused.

"If you are Kres and you are sleeping, how can you be answering my 
questions?" asked the rat.

"I..." the lion paused, his voice sounding definitely confused.

"You're in a trance," prompted Jotham.  "Sleeping, but awake... 
wanting to answer my questions."

"Yes..." slurred Kres.  "Trance..."

"How does it feel to be in a trance?" asked the rat.

"Feels... nice..." purred Kres after a moment's thought.  

"Do you like the feeling?" queried Jotham.


"I could take you deeper," said the rat, leaning forward a little on 
his chair in anticipation of the answer.  "Would you like that?"

"Yes..." murmured Kres softly.

Jotham grinned to himself.  The lion was turning out to be an 
excellent subject.

"I want you to start counting down slowly from one hundred," said the 
rat.  "Count slowly and focus on the numbers, but listen to my 
voice... you'll want to listen to my voice.  Every number will make 
you more relaxed than the one before it and it will be easier to 
focus on my voice...  Are you ready?  Begin."

"One hundred..." began the lion.  "Ninety nine... ninety eight..."

The rat watched in eager anticipation, waiting for the feline to pass 
ninety before starting to talk again.

"That's right, count down... let the numbers take you down..." 
whispered Jotham.  "Each number more relaxed than the last... it 
feels so good... relaxed... focusing on my voice..."

"Seventy three... seventy two..." the lion's voice was soft, his 
speech slurred a little and he seemed to pause between numbers.

"Just let yourself go," continued Jotham.  "Just drifting, focusing 
on my voice... obeying the voice... so relaxed... it feels good to 
focus... good to listen... to obey..."

"Fifty... forty nine... forty eight..." the lion's counting was 
getting slower, his body slumped into the soft cushions.

"You want to obey," chanted the rat softly.  "To submit... feel your 
will drifting away, it belongs to me now... you belong to me... to my 
voice... you have to obey my voice... you know nothing else... must 

"Twenty seven... twenty six..." the lion was now taking almost five 
seconds to say a single number.

"You're a good lion..." murmured Jotham still.  "A good obedient 
lion... You serve me... you're my lion and it feels so good to 
obey... you must obey..."

"Two... one... zero..."  Kres sighed out the last number, his body 
totally limp on the cushions.

Jotham sat back, stretching before starting the next round of 

"Do you know who you are?" he said, this time his voice louder, more 
normal than it had been.  His tone made it sound more like an order 
than a question.

"No," whispered Kres with some difficulty.

"What do you do?" was the next question.

"I obey," came the same dreamlike response.

"Yes, you're a good kitty," chimed Jotham with a smile, admiring the 
limp lion before him.  "But now I want you to do something for me...  
Something you wouldn't normally do, but it will show yourself, how 
much I control you."

"Yes sir," said Kres in the same monotonous voice.

"You're going to undress yourself," said the rat simply.  "It may 
feel strange, but you will do it because you obey me don't you... you 
have to obey me..."

"Yes sir," repeated Kres, moving for the first time.

Slowly Kres's hand reaches across his chest, his body pulling itself 
upright as his tiger paws began to fumble at the buttons of his 
shirt.  The movements were slow and deliberate.  Gradually the shirt 
buttons slipped apart before the hands reached for the belt.  He 
stood, his trousers falling to the floor as he pulled the shirt from 
his shoulders and finally slipped out of his boxers, tossing them 
aside with a foot before sitting himself back down.

Jotham watched on silently, the lion was well built.  Not overly 
muscular, but definitely not the runt of the litter either.  He 
nodded approvingly to himself and noted the lion's rather full sheath 
and lightly furred balls as the lion made himself comfortable once 

"Now," began Jotham.  "You will wake up soon.  Your conscious mind 
will return and you'll remember everything you just did, the feeling 
you got from obeying and how nice it was just to relax.  If I tell 
you to relax again, you'll find yourself drifting back down to where 
you are now and not wanting to fight it at all.  When you wake, you 
will be totally comfortable with me and will answer my questions with 
your true feelings.  Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," nodded Kres again.

"Good kitty," rumbled Jotham.  "Now wake up."

The rat sat back, watching as Kres's body began to rise from its 
relaxed posture.  His head lifted and his eyes opened slowly, follow 
a few moments later by a huge feline stretch.  He looked around the 
room, blinking a few times before looking down at his nude body, then 
back at the rat.

"I'm naked," he said simply.

"Correct," stated Jotham.  "Do you know why?"

"Because you asked me to get undressed," responded Kres.  "And I 

"Correct again," said Jotham.  "And how did it feel?"

"It was..." this time Kres took longer to answer.  

Jotham watched as Kres's sheath swelled a little, a sliver of pink 
poking out and he guessed the answer.

"...nice..." finished the lion who looked down at his groin with 
curious interest.

"Why?" queried the rat.

"I'm not sure," admitted the lion, still looking down at his sheath 
and lengthening shaft.  "The not thinking, just obeying... was 
somehow... well, nice..."

His shaft was about half way out.

"I'm getting aroused thinking about it," he said immediately.

Jotham nodded.

"I can see," he smiled.  "If I were to offer you the chance of 
feeling like that for a longer period of time... would you take it?"

"I, ummm..."  Kres pondered, his shaft now fully out of his sheath.  
"It is tempting, but I would have some reservations."

"Such as?" questioned the rat.

"Well, you wouldn't make me do anything dangerous would you?" asked 
the lion.  "No bank robbing or things like that."

"None at all," said Jotham solemnly.  "It would be my responsibility 
and duty to look after you and ensure your wellbeing at all times."

"Why?" said Kres softly.  "Why do it? Why ask me?  You had me under 
your control.  Look at me, I'm sitting here naked on your couch, 
horny just thinking about it.  You could have taken me and I'd be a 
mindless slave at your beck and call."

The rat grinned at the sudden outburst.

"Well," he began.  "That outburst is exactly why.  I'm a master, not 
a monster.  Sure I could have taken you,  I can tell would have 
enjoyed it, even if you couldn't express yourself, but somewhere in 
the back of your mind, part of you would have resented being taken.  
It is in your nature, you were not provided with a choice then, but I 
am offering you one now.  It is just you and me, you can talk freely 
and openly now without the constraints of society censoring your 

Kres paused, thinking over what he had just been told.

"So, you want me to make a choice?" he said, puzzled.

"Exactly," agreed Jotham.

"I am tempted," said Kres slowly.  "But it would feel strange 
travelling from home to here, just to be under your control.  And my 
mate probably wouldn't understand."

"I would expect you to stay here," announced Jotham.  "I have rooms.  
And tell me about your mate."

"What about him?" asked Kres.

"What sort of person is he?" said Jotham, nodding at the mention of 

"He's nice," responded Kres.  "Very sexy... kind... considerate... 

"Do you love him?" probed Jotham.

"Yes," replied Kres immediately.

"What sort of relationship do you have?" was the next question.

"We love each other," said Kres, almost repeating himself.  "But 
there is something missing."

"What sort of thing?" questioned the rat.

"Its hard to describe," answered the lion.  "We're together, but its 
like there is something missing.  Its like we need guidance to be 

Jotham cocked his head.

"Guidance?" he repeated.  "Not like a master?"

"Yes," said Kres almost excitedly.  "That's it.  A master."

Jotham squirmed in his seat, suddenly acutely aware of the lion's 
still erect shaft before him.

"If I offered to, ummm, take on you and your mate," he said.  "What 
do you think he would say?"

"I am not sure," replied Kres, even though his shaft hardened at the 
though, clear pre flowing from its tip.  "He would probably agree."

"Why don't you invite him over and we can discuss it?" smiled Jotham, 
gesturing to the nearby phone.

A flicker of uncertainty passed over Kres's eyes for a moment, then 
he stood and moved up to the phone.  Picking up the receiver he 
dialled a number.  A few moments later he started speaking.

"Hi Wren...  Yeah, it's me.  Look, you know how we've been talking 
about moving?  Yeah, I may have found us a place.  It's kind of hard 
to explain.  I'm here with the owner at the moment.  Yeah, want to 
swing by?  Ok, cool.  At the front desk ask for Jotham,"  Kres 
continued for a few moments, providing the address.  "Ok hon, see you 

Kres hung up the phone and turned back to face Jotham who had been 
admiring the lion's rump.

"He's on his way," explained the lion, not noticing now he had begun 
to stroke his shaft.  "He'll be about half an hour."

The rat nodded and pointed to the lion's slow moving paw.

"You seem quite aroused by the situation," he stated simply.

For the first time, there may have been the briefest of blushes flush 
across the lion's cheeks.  

"Yeah...  I... ummm..."  Kres stammered for a few moments, before 
seeming to give up and once more state the obvious.  "The idea of 
submitting like that, it's just such a turn on.  Wren and myself have 
talked about it before, but I never thought we'd be in such a 

"I can imagine," grinned the rat and his eyes flicked up to the 
clock.  "You have about twenty minutes and I don't really want to see 
suffer for any more longer.  If you so desire, you can orgasm you 
know, you mustn't be that far off and I'm sure it will help you 

Kres gave the rat a strange look and for an instant Jotham thought he 
may have overstepped the line.  Then, the lion curled his fingers 
around his shaft, gripping it and beginning to pump in earnest.  It 
did not take long.  A few moments later he gave a deep rumbling 
growl.  Jotham watched as the feline length pulsed, thick ropey 
strings of seed spurting from its tip to splatter noisily onto the 
solid floorboards.

Kres panted, still pumping as his shaft continued to empty itself and 
then slowly his hand eased in its movements.  White goo oozing and 
dribbling from the sinking tip and over the golden fur.

"Feel better?" asked Jotham, eyes sparkling and his own bulge quite 
evident in his trousers.

"Much," sighed the lion, opening his eyes to look at his mess, 
giggling a little.  "It all feels so weird."

"I'm not surprised," said Jotham before waving towards one of the 
door.  "Through there you'll find a small flat.  Feel free to use the 
bathroom to clean up.  There should be robes in the cupboard."

Kres found himself walking to the door almost automatically, opening 
it to look into the room beyond.  Like the rat had said, it was a 
self contained flat.  The lion poked his head into every room, 
inspecting it curiously.  There was a single bedroom, combined living 
room and kitchen and a small bathroom.  Not a lot, but very 
comfortable and cosy.  Eagerly he stepped into the shower, feeling 
the warm water run through his fur.

Jotham rubbed his paws and looked at the mess on the floor.  He moved 
to the phone and pushed a button.

"Furth, could you come up here please?" he said simply.  

A few moments later the wolf from downstairs entered the room.  As 
soon as he walked in, his eyes look on a glazed look.

"Yes Sir," he said, bowing to the rat.

"Clean that up please," asked Jotham, pointing out the pools on the 

The wolf leant down to inspect them, his nose twitching as he sampled 
the scent, before his tongue began licking at the floorboards 
eagerly.  It only took him a matter of seconds before he had the 
floorboards gleaming.  He sat back on his knees.

"And now me please," stated the rat simply.

He had pulled his trousers down revealing his own sheath and swollen 
shaft.  The wolf shuffled forward quickly, burying his muzzle into 
the groin of the rat who gripped the large furred head with his 
claws, moaning softly.  His hips started to thrust and the wolf was 
rewarded with a wave of rat seed which he swallowed eagerly, then 
coaxed out another feeding.

Jotham leant back on the chair.

"Good puppy..." he crooned, stroking his paws through the wolf's fur.  
"Good puppy..."

The wolf's eyes closed slowly and he pulled himself back to a 
kneeling position, head bowed low as the rat tucked his clothes back 
in, checking himself in the mirror.

"Go now my puppy, I shall call on you later," he said, dismissing the 

The wolf stood and bowed.

"Yes Sir," he announced before leaving the room, a puzzled expression 
passing his face as he opened the door, his tongue running around his 

The sound of running water stopped abruptly and a few minutes later 
Kres re-entered the room.  He had dried his fur, but his mane 
remained slightly damp and stringy.  He was now dressed in a rich 
blue satin robe which accentuated his golden fur very nicely.

He was about to say something when there was a knock on the door and 
a leopard entered the room.

"Uummm, hi, I'm looking for a Jotham," he ventured before his eyes 
found the rat an eyebrow raising itself questioningly.

"That would be me," said Jotham stepping forward and offering a paw.  
"Pleased to meet you."

"Wren," announced the leopard, noticing Kres and giving him a strange 
look as his eyes looked over the robe.

"Well, as Kres here explained over the phone," began the rat.  "I 
have a place for rent, but the payment is not the most conventional.  
However, before we go into that, I'll let you have a look at it.  It 
is through that door there.  Kres, why don't you show Wren here 
around next door and explain to him the situation and conditions of 
taking up residence.  I'll be here to answer any questions and hear 
your decision."

The lion nodded, moving for the first time as he gestured the leopard 
over and showed him eagerly through the door.  Jotham watched them 
go, the leopard would be a welcome addition if he was eager to join.  
He heard muffled voices from next door, but knew not to rush an 
answer, they would be ready in time.

About thirty minutes later the door opened again.  Jotham looked up 
from the book he had been reading and put it aside.

Wren approached first.

"I have some questions," he said carefully.

"I imagine you do," countered Jotham.

"First, let me get this straight," started Wren.  "You are offering 
the place next door, but in return you want to be our master and 
allow you to hypnotise us in order to do so?"

"Correct," said Jotham with a nod after a few moments thought.

"I have a job, what would happen with that?" asked the leopard.

"You would continue to hold that," answered the rat.  "Any pay you 
receive would be your own, but as master I would like to be consulted 
before you spent any of it.  You of course, would be allowed time 
off.  I will not keep you prisoner here, but if I request it, I would 
expect you to both be available, within reason of course.  Spare time 
would be spent at my disposal.  I like to think of myself as a fair 
master, but a master after all."

"What about the hypnosis," was the next question.

"Well," smiled Jotham.  "I had been hoping you'd ask that question.  
If you'll both permit, perhaps Kres would be the best person to 
answer this?"

"What?" said Kres, his head lifting in surprise.  "Ummm, sure.  Yeah, 
ask away."

Jotham grinned and gestured the lion closer.  As Kres approached, the 
rat reached out, stroking a paw gently down from the top of his head 
towards his nose."

"Just relax," murmured Jotham.

The effect on the lion was almost instantaneous.  For a moment he 
looked puzzled, then he breathed out, eyes closing and his body 

"Good Kres..." continued the rat softly.  "Just relax... remember the 
feeling... deeper... so relaxed..."  

Kres swung slightly on his feet, his head dropping down to his chest 
as the rat guided him deeper.  He noticed Wren looking fascinated and 
squirming in his seat and he turned his attention to the leopard.

"Kres is currently in a state of hypnosis," he said simply.  "He 
appears to be an excellent subject.  No guarantees that you'll be the 
same as quickly, but in time I'm sure you could be.  Feel free to ask 
him questions.  He has to answer truthfully."

Wren looked at the limp lion and Jotham noticed the prominent bulge 
in his pants.

"What does it feel like?" asked Wren.

"Feels like floating," murmured Kres softly.  "So relaxed."

"Kres," interjected Jotham.  "Focus on the questions, give truthful 

The rat looked back to the leopard.  "You'll need to give specific 
questions, it's hard for him to generalise in his current state."

"Ahhh," nodded Wren.  "You're currently following Jotham's 
instructions.  Do you like it?"

"Yes," purred Kres softly.

"Why do you like it?" was the next question.

"It feels so nice... no need to think..."

"You know what I like, would I like it?" asked Wren.

"Yessss..." whispered Kres.

The leopard looked back at the rat.

"I think I'd like to try it," he said in a dry voice.  "Just the 
feeling, sort of no obligation if that's ok."

"Of course," smiled Jotham.  "I have some questions for you as well, 
but they can wait until later."

Wren squirmed a little on his chair.

"Just make yourself comfortable," began the rat.  "I want you to just 
sit back and relax.  Feel yourself beginning to drift away..."

His voice slowed and he walked up to the limp lion, whispering 
something in his ear.  Kres's head lifted slowly and he walked over 
to in front of Wren, his eyes open, but unfocused.  He lowered his 
body a little, looking directly into the leopards eyes.

"Just look at your lion," murmured Jotham somewhere softly in the 
distance.  "Look into his eyes, his large golden eyes, feeling them 
swelling... swallowing you as you relax... just focus... look deep... 
so deep..."

Wren stared back at his mate, watching as the golden orbs seemed to 
expand until they were the only thing that mattered, he could feel 
himself drifting away, a soft voice talking right on the edge of his 
hearing, his body growing limp... relaxed... everything fading away.

"...five," stated Jotham and the pair of felines opened their eyes.

Wren looked around, his clothes had been tossed to the floor along 
with Kres's.  He felt so invigorated and was not surprised to see his 
shaft erect from its sheath.  Kres's body reacting in the same way.

"How was that my pets?" asked Jotham, smiling down at the two felines 
who sat facing each other.

"Wonderful Sir," they said in unison.

"Do you both desire to be my slaves?" asked Master Jotham simply.

"Yes Sir," they both chimed and they knew it was true.  Master had 
explained his rules and both had agreed to abide by it.  This had 
been their last chance to back out, but neither would.  Everyone in 
the room knew that.

"Good slaves," murmured Master Jotham appreciatively.  "Pleasure thy 

Both gave a groan and sat on the floor, facing each other.  Their 
heads folding in so their eyes met.  Hands reaching out to trace down 
each other's chest fur, then paws wrapped around the other's shaft, 
stroking it slowly as they began to chant softly.

"Obey Master Jotham..." they chimed together.  "Good slaves... 

Jotham watched his latest recruits slip deeper under his power, the 
last of their resistance fading as they purred in unison, bodies limp 
against each other even as their shafts bucked and sprayed their seed 
between them.  His own hand had slipped down his trousers and was 
massaging the bulge within.  He longed to take them both, but he was 
determined not to overtax his slaves too quick

As he dismissed the felines, he pondered calling Furth back, but the 
wolf had probably left for the day.  He moved back to his desk and 
made a note in his daily planner, which read simply "collars" before 
pulling out a new employee form.

Kres may have been a little surprised to find himself as a 
hypnotist's assistant in the morning, but as Wren would be working, 
the lion needed something to fill his time and he proved to be rather 
adept at earlier proceedings.

Jotham rubbed his crotch once more.  Oh yes, this would be an 
interesting partnership...

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