If you've come in here, you're probably wondering what Divigon is.

What is Divigon?

The name Divigon comes from the Irish myth of a creature that would take the unsuspecting traveller, or local, if the opportunity arose. Little is known about the creature itself, it was usually discribed as being of foul temper and unpleasent disposition. Its physical form varies a large amount, the way I picture it is along the lines of the beastie on the right.

Incidently, that pic I believe is taken from a Chris Achilleo picture because it looks like his style, but the web site where it came from no longer exists and I can't verify it. If its breaking any copywrite and you object, let me know and I'll remove it.

Pic of Divigon

Where might I bag myself a Divigon?

If you are looking for Divigon, I recommend searching around the isolated slopes of Ireland, probably near the coast. Alternatively, you could try the muck Tapestries (telnet://tapestries.fur.com:2069 he has been known to show up there every so often. Just look for Divigon. If you've never been there, Tapestries is an adult orientated muck, furry based and caters for everything from just chatting to some things that are seriously far out and if I'm saying that, it means that they are really out of there.

But I want to send him email?

You do? Well, ok. You could try sending him an email to: Divigon@feathers.net" Currently that address is spam free and I intend to keep it that way. Incidently, if you send spam to that address, I will track you down and do unpleasent things to you. You should also know, I am a creature of my word.

What makes him tick?

Excellent question. Ok, a bit of biology for you. Most creatures have some sort of pump within them that serves to circulate a life giving brew of tiny cells. In more complicated creatures, this is called a heart. Divigon has one of them, pumping away, producing that "thump... thump... thump..." sound, hence giving the impression that he is ticking, but actually its more a thumping.

Oh, you meant that in another way? Right. Down to the serious stuff then. If you can answer that question, you're probably doing better than he is. Somewhere under all of his scales, hide and harsh outer appearence, there is (relatively) normal, mild mannered human (eewww), but every now and again, a terrible transformation takes place and the Divigon emerges.

A human?

You want to know about the human? Woah, strange. Well, about all he's willing to say is tht yes, there is a human under there somewhere. If you want to know more, you'll have to email him at the address above. Don't worry... he doesn't bite. Well, not unless you ask specially, but he doesn't eat too much.

Where did the stories come from?

To be honest, he doesn't know. A good approximation would be to say they snuck up slowly, then lept out and battled with his brain until he purged them into the digital media. Yes... it is disturbing isn't it.


Time for the only correct answer. Why not?

What are his likes and dislikes?

Divigon is a sucker for transformations. That is, changing from something into something else. What to what can very incrediably. Depending on his mood, it may be something minor, or it may be something waaaaay out there. Most of the other things are dependant on his mood. He's fairly moody and can change easily.

However, he hates anything to do with minors. Bring up a character that is underage and you'll make his ignore list really quick. Want to do something sexual to a minor and you'll make the /dev/null bin in record time. Yes, that is in RPs, he doesn't like it its that simple. If its RL, then he'll do his best to get the authorities to knock at your door. If you're read above, you'll know that is not a threat, its a promise. Consider this your one and only warning.

What forms does Divigon have?

Ahhh, a practical question. Divigon comes in the new and improved, compact and lightweight Divigon shaped package. Ok, that doesn't help much does it. Most of the time Divigon is a scaled creature, probably dragon based and usually with wings although the pic above doesn't show them.

As he loves transformations, he changes shape fairly regularly, but you can probably find him as either a dragon, dolphin or equine morph. The dragon morph is similar to the pic above, but with wings, the dolphin morph is the shape of a normal bottlenose dolphin morph, but with the colourations of an orca, while his equine form is borrowed from the large draft horses (He's a sucker for an equine with feathers).

He occasionally can be found as a sort of morphic cobra from time to time as well as a wolven of sorts. As you have probably guessed, he changes depending on his mood. About the only thing he wouldn't be is felines. For some reason they don't appeal to him as a form, although it can look very good on others.

Clothes, when he's wearing them will tend to be either a loose cape or a full oozing latex body suit. He doesn't wear ordinary latex, its organic and has a mind of its own and is much more body hugging than normal latex.

When he gets a chance, he'll put some descriptions on here.

Will he write me a story?

I don't know, will he? have you asked him? If you're going to ask him, some advice, don't just say "I want a story" that won't work. Provide some details, species are good. A really good thing to do is provide the names of the characters. Thinking up names is one of the most annoying parts of story writing, do this for him and he'll be happy. Probably a basic plot, so he knows what you want.

Make sure you want the sort of story he writes. If you haven't read what he writes, then you're stupid. I'm sorry, but you are. Don't ask for something involving minors, he won't do it. A minimium age of 18 years, preforably older. He doesn't care if it is a fictious character, he won't do it.

Remember, this is a request, not a commission. There is a difference. There is no guarentee he will do it, he has a life and fits writing in around it. He also has to be in the right mood, if you request something and he's not feeling up to it, he won't do it. Its that simple. However, clever people have managed to put him in the mood with their requests, so it may come down to how you ask.

Also, don't get in a hissy fit if he says no. It probably isn't personal, well, it may be, but he won't admit to it.