The real me?

Well, he exists. There is more information about him available, but you'll have to go looking elsewhere. I'll leave it as an excercise for those who are truely curious.

The unreal me?

A better question.

Firstly the name. The fast majority of people assume that I am part wolf, part dolphin. Sort of a wolf-dolphin hybrid. To them I say, "Nope!" I'm actually a morphic dolphin. Morphic short for anthropomorphic and meaning human qualities. In this case I am bipedal bottlenose dolphin. My description on FurryMuck is:

If words are hard for you to comprehend, there is a excellent picture that Gryf did of me on the images page

The name Wolphin comes basically because I like the sound of it. Nothing too deep and meaningful about it. I like the dolphin connetations, but most people pronounce it "wolfin" the first time which makes me go "wolphin." Its the same sound as dolphin, a soft "o", soft "f". Not a hard one as in "wolf"

I have had some debate with various furs as to the accuracy of a wolphin. In Hawaii, there is a cetacean they call a "Wolphin" Its a hybrid between a dolphin and a whale, however I have been told that this is actually a "Wholphin" and they typoed it, but I'm sticking with calling her a Wolphin. I have also come across a couple of furs that list their species as a wolphin and are wolf/dolphin hybrids. (One of which didn't like me being called the same as their species, but I digress).

What species?

I go around as a couple of species, depending on my mood and where I am. I seem to end up as one species at each location, but change occasionally if I feel like it.

How does being a Furry affect you?

(Twitches nerviously) Not at all.

Seriously, from some of the furs I know, I view the furdom quite different from them (Yes, that is what it is called). Some people are attracted to furriness as a lifestyle, others truely believe that they are a 200ft dragon trapped in a pathetic human form. Thats fine. Ok, being introduced to someone who says they are "Kerbosh the Third" and wants you vetted in case you're trying to steal their hoard takes a little bit of getting use to, but thats fine.

I was attracted to the furdom for a couple of reasons. Probably the main one was I liked the concept. I go to mucks and chat for escapism. I have friends who do the same thing, but they all play human characters. The way I see it, that involves little imagination. If I'm going to be using my imagination, I want something that taxes it. I would like an environment where animals can talk, shapeshifters and magic abound. Sure, it doesn't exist in this universe, at least not that we know of, so why can't I play make believe with other like minded people.

One of the things that threw me for a while, but probably now throws other people more than me is that for me, there is a big distinction between RL (Real life) and VR (Online stuff). With some people what you see in VR is what you get in RL and vice-versa. This is not the case with me, me online is quite different with my offline.


A good broad question, lots of scope for an answer and I'll just say, "Why not"

I have a question!

Great, ask me and I'll put an answer up here. I need to broaden this section a little.

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