In the beginning it was dark, very dark. Suddenly the light switch was found and behold, amazing things were seen. So begins our journey...

Alternatively, for those who remember games like Zork and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

You find yourself in a strange room. There are words here. There are many exits.

Or for the more conventual of you: Welcome to Wolphin's pages of Fur, Fantasy and other stuff. In this little peice of the 'net you will find my thoughts on various Furry, Fantasy and other related things.

I know my updates have been few and far between this year, but I'm working on it, just very slowly. If you want to see more things, try my Fur Affinity page. I know its lazy, but I can update there a lot easier than here, so that's where my stories tend to go, then I dump them across here when I'm feeling enthused.

This is my index page. Not a lot to see here, I know, you're probably more interested in the following links:

Probably the main reason for this site. I write stories. This is where they are. Anyone who looks at them will probably notice I have a certain liking for transformation based stories, but there are some general furry ones in there as well. If anyone is feeling nostalgic, the static story page is available here but that will not be updated any more.
No, I don't draw, but I know some furs who do and who were nice enough to do some drawings of me (Thanks guys!).
These are seperate commissions that I've had done, not of me, but of various things I've asked for. These are those images. Also in this section will be any art that has been inspired by my stories and I have permission to put up.
Divigon is my alter ego who I don't usually acknowledge as such. He has written some stories as well, but his are pretty well all adult based, disturbing and possibly offensive. Don't say I didn't warn you. (Come on, admit it, this was the first link you chose)
Graphics Page
This is my page of transformation graphics, mostly screen captures. I probably will not update it much, but if anyone is interested, here it is.
My Furry page. My discussions about being furry, how I view it and what it means in my conquest for world domination.
About me
The obligitory "about me" page. All you never wanted to know.
There are many link pages on the internet. This is one of them.

Last updated:
November 14, 2004